Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Roomate's Going Away Party At Foundation Room With Epic DJ Alpyne

Me and Scottish roomate Barry
Sooo awesome, we saw this fireplace and had to take a corny pic with it!!
Not sure if we look like a lame couple or brother and sister.
Me on my phone laughing at The Van Wildest.
Texting? No way!!
Oh shit, it's a pic with me and my phone LOL!!
Me and the epic DJ Alpyne and Van Wildest Himself!
Me and the roomate that moved out Dan
Me and the man. The $100 was for me for last night.
Me and my love and fellow roomie Lois
Blame it on the a-a-a-alcohol ;)
Of course Adam got me in the Game Of Life.
Ended the night @ Blueberry Hill, breakfast at 4am on the reg.

It was Dan (fellow roommate's) last night in Vegas, so we went to Mandalay Bay's gorgeous Foundation Room for his going away party. Check out Adam's blog for tons more pics too! It's a lovely, cozy lounge and we had a great time drinking bottles, and parting to the fat beats of the best DJ in Vegas, and probably earth, DJ Alpyne. Who is also a fellow Oregonian! I am begging him to play in Portland next week when I moved back on the 1st, so stay posted for that!! Anywho, super fun night out with the roomies, going to miss Vegas... but there's still 7 days left, the party isn't over yet ;)

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What? you're moving to portland? MOVE TO BOGOTA WITH ME!