Saturday, October 31, 2009

It's Always A Party With Adam

You know it's a Van Wildest Party when it's nothing but hot chicks.

Serious flip cupping,
Followed by flip cup losers
obviously Katy Perry
Me and the only picture of Van Wildest in full costume. I Win.
His profile picture in my phone
6'5 keg stand, thank you Adam
bank robber vs Chuck Norris, who will win
Mr. Bossy pants bossing.
I fucking told you not to say "mine."
Barefoot. Looks dangerous.
Young Weezy make it rain on 'em
Me with a celebrity
A set of stairs at Van Wildest's house aka stairs from hell if you've been drinking and are in 5 inch heels. Hell.
A rarity. Roomate Lois got caught saying "mine" a once in a million chance (she's a pro at the game) and in a sex shop of all places. I was there to catch it. Boom.

My brother and I are in an elite club (that we made up:) called Team Instant Party (TIP). Where ever we are, there is a party. And if anyone exemplifies this as much as we do, it's Mr. Van Wilder himself. If you haven't checked out his website, you're retarded. I've learned in the month I've been in Vegas, that where he is, it's a party. So, Duh, I try to tag along. Well, here is a recap of the lastest aadventure, the Seville House Halloween party, and if you're wondering about all the jumping jacks, you need to know the game of life Stay posted ;)

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Saturday Oct 10th

Went to see the riviting 'Capitolism-A Love Story' first movie in Vegas! Then around midnight one of my roomates Alex picked me up. We crusied down the strip caught a quick pic with the iconic Welcome To Vegas sign before heading out to The M hotel and casino to do some Vegas style drinking and gambling. The M, ps, has one of the most amazing and epic pool areas I've ever seen. Note to self- be back for the Pool Parties!! So had some fun getting shitty at the 1 cent machines,(only spent about $10 on tips) then we moved on to black jack where I kept on task with the cocktail waitress, making sure our cups stayed full, and Alex won over $100! After that around 4am we took the party to one of the most uniquie and corky restraunts I've ever been to, Peppermill. I absolutly adore this place!! We got drinks, (duh my signature long island ;) tons of appitizers, watched 90's music videos, and talked about what a successful night it had been! Around 6am we
ended the night crusing the strip laughing at all the drunk tourists. Viva!!

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Sunday, October 4, 2009

Men Are Like Panties

They're for pussys.
Other girls always have cuter ones.
The good ones are rarely cheap.
Sometimes it can take a while to find one you like.
And if you do find one you really like, that's the one that always gets lost in the wash.
When they're really good, they're eatable.
Sometimes, they grab you in all the wrong spots, (those are probably the cheap ones).
If they're too small, it might be time for a new pair....
You have to change them often.
But sometimes, that's all I want to be wearing.
And hell- they like to be on, but rarely last for very long.

Wow. Sorry mom for the inappropriateness, but you know some of it's funny ;)

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Thursday, October 1, 2009

Moved To Vegas

Woke up an hour before my flight yesterday, ended up making it to the airport 15 minutes before take off, but for free, they bumped me to a later flight. I ended up getting a direct flight and making it to Vegas 3 hours earlier than planned.. Well played! A roomate picked me up, we hung out at a gorgeous condo on the strip, then took my stuff to my new place 4 miles from the strip. I took a nap, woke up, showered, went downstairs to find three of my roomates playing a $300 hand of poker. Welcome to Vegas.... Then J, my second possible roomate picked me up, and we went to check his place out. Great place, very comfortable, huge closet, and J's really cool...but 10min further from the strip, and only 1 roomate who travels a lot, and I worry about being lonely... So J took me to check out the third possible house- THE Adam Van Wilder's place (Check out his website on life in Vegas @ who was throwing a huge house party. Adam is the
coolest, but the house wasn't as new, and to move in was going to be over a $1,000. So I'm at the first place, and stoked about my choice! Adam and J's places seem great, and I can't wait to party there! Today one of my roomates asked if I wanted to go to LA and watch a taping of the Conan O'Brien Show... so that's today, we spent the morning driving through the desert, watching the movie Casino on the portable DVD player, now we're in Hollywood... the journey rolls on, VIVA ;)

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