Sunday, January 31, 2010

Eighteenth Street Lounge, Washington DC

Undercover in DC's coolest night club...

Me with the General Manager of the Lounge, and our personal bartender for the photo shoot, Carlton

"Yeah we're Booshie" Me and Booshie's designer, Ginger

The lounge was raging, and on a Wednesday night!!

We closed the lounge down, along with this least someone's night ended well....

On Wednesday night, Ginger took me back to the spot we did the photo shoot with Tony Veloz, Eighteenth Street Lounge. During the photo shoot the lounge was closed, so it was completely empty. But Ginger promised me it was her favorite spot in DC, and always crowded and fun. When I lived in DC, I really hated the nightlife, but this lounge is AWESOME!! Best nightlife place I've been to in DC. If you are ever in the neighborhood, you must check this hidden gem out!!

First Pics From Tony Veloz Photo Shoot

Got the first shots back from the amazing Tony Veloz and Booshie Design photo shoot at 18th St Lounge in DC!! He is so wickedly talented and it's always an honor working with him! : D Stay posted for more pics to come, which is your favorite outta these two??

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Photo Shoot Recap Of Booshie Designs Shot By Tony Veloz

A snap shot of the 12 dresses shot yesterday
Putting my mullet into full affect in a gorgeous sequin and polka dot dress
Up close and blurry with full make up and a wig on :D
Me behind the scenes in my favorite Cupcake/Alice in Wonderland dress with stripper heels. I loved this look!!
In the background of the above pic you can see make up artist Rachelle Dalton working on one of the other two models. Rachelle was great doing all three of us model's hair and make up, keeping each look unique and fresh! I have never worked with her before, but it was a true pleasure and I love how the looks turned out! :) Working again with Tony Veloz Photography was also a sincere pleasure, he is so fun, light hearted and constructive with direction, but not overbearing it always makes for such a fun and easy atmosphere! Ginger was styling us all, sewing each outfit to perfection, while great music blared though the empty night club. We ended up shooting well past midnight, but we all had so much fun, and everyone seemed to be pleased with there performance, so I can't wait to see the pictures!! Stay posted for Tony's pics coming shortly!!

My Brother And I's Theme Song

Friday Night At The Nines, And Studio 1

My brother and I's friend Dani came up from Eugene last Friday for her birthday. Well the hottest spot on a Friday in Portland is Studio 1 because Dj Tj plays there! So the ladies got a room at the Nines, and stayed the night to party with T.I.P. (aka my brother and I)

The ladies in their room toasting with an amazing bottle of champagne my brother bought

Before we headed to the club, we got a bite to eat at The Nine's posh restaurant, Urban Farmer.

Me and some of the girls at dinner
My brother and I at dinner

My brother and I's friends at IN Nightlife pulled out all the stops for us once we got to Studio One! They comped us admission, we didn't have to wait in line, got us VIP tables right next to the Dj booth, a bottle of champagne, shots, etc!! If you want to party in Portland, these are the guys to do it with! Much love to Ty, Dusty, and Mayo, thanks for making it such a great night! :D

The girls and I having fun our VIP section
The crowd on the top floor.

Below, Portland's greatest Dj, Dj Tj and the birthday girl. As always he played back to back hits all night, including my brother and I's favorite song, 1980 by Dirt Nasty (See above video)!!! Thank you again! :D
My brother and the birthday girl! Thanks for sharing it with us, we hope you had a great time!!!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Booshie Meets DURKL Photo Shoot

Me and my darling Ginger, designer of Booshie (We are both wearing Booshie... Duh :)

Mi amore, Ginger, lead designer of Booshie Design called me yesterday and said get on a plane Saturday because she's flying me out to DC for a huuuggee shoot on Monday!!! :D I love her! She said she has the amazing Tony Veloz on board, who I have worked with before (see blog post here, and an example of our work together below).Ginger also has photographer, Paul Seegars whom I've never met, but am looking forward to working with booked for the shoot! Ginger scored the 18th St Lounge in the posh Dupont Circle area for the location to shoot (see below pic).
Modeling for the shoot will be:
1. Juelles (below wearing Booshie)
2. Ms. Booshie herself, Ginger (below wearing Booshie)
3. Me (below doing the final pass in Booshie's first ever runway show, wearing the same above dress :)
Along with a few other female models! When I heard what a talented group, and location she had set up I was elated, but I knew we could make this even bigger... ;)

I wanted to bring on the best in hair and make up, so Warren (see the many times we've worked together here). And below, Warren on hair and make up, with me wearing Booshie:

Me and the man, Warren himself doing his magic (I'm of course wearing a custom Booshie Tee ;)
Warren will hopefully be on board, but the beautiful, and talent Aja (see blog post here) is definitely booked, can't wait!! Our work together for PR and Partners below:
And where ever I go my side kick, and one of my best friends, Viseral Photography (ie my entire runway portfolio here is done by him) will be there too!!

Below me at the Fashion Fights Poverty runway show, shot by the great Visceral Photography

But I had one more idea, that would take this shoot to epic status... DURKL.

Backstory: I went to a runway show months ago in DC and saw this men's clothing line. In short, they blew my mind. Chill, confident, casual yet fashionable, and I fell in love instantly. Not to mention, the designer came out on the runway with a Corona...that sealed the deal for my love of all things DURKL! I follow their awesome Twitter, and always have them in the back of my mind, hoping that one day they will do women's clothes. But when this shoot came up, I thought this is a match made in heaven, and the perfect opportunity to work with DURKL!! (Not to mention DURKL got second place and Booshie got third for DC's Best Local Designer!! Check it out here) Thus, they two shall meet. Lucas over at DURKL is so nice, and easy to work with, I'm really stoked they are on board, and think they will really gain from working with all the great photogs involved!

DURKL model and designer modeling their designs. Love it.
When I booked DURKL, I had my friend, and fellow male model Gabe (below) in mind. He has, what I think is the perfect Booshie meets DURKL look, (see his portfolio here and see what I mean). He and I met at the Fashion Fights Poverty runway show (see pics here) that Visceral Photography shot. Since that was so much fun, Gabe and I did a shoot (above) with Visceral Photography, so I know Gabe's a great up-and-coming model with a lot of talent, and hopefully will benefit from working with both DURKL and Tony Veloz Photography.

Gabe and I at the model's after party for the above runway show (photo also by Visceral)

So there you have it, an epic photo shoot in the making!! So stay posted, because this is going to be the biggest, best, collaboration DC has ever seen, I'm so thankful to be part of it!! :D

One last pic, one of my fav of me wearing Booshie. Many more to come...

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Dynamic Autosports Newest Race Car With A Big Dick

Dynamic Autosports (follow their blog here) has just acquired their newest race car, the below r35 GTR. This car is getting gutted, rebuild and will be ready for racing in April of this year. When it's ready it will be Hankook colors black, white and orange, and be driven by Robbie "Bushido" Nishida
...but most importantly, it will have the below dilido as an e break handle. Well played guys.

This info first published here on katelin's closet. Always stay posted for the lasted and greatest in all things hot.

Sunday, January 3, 2010