Friday, May 29, 2009

Photography Assignment For Everyone

William Eggleston's:


In college as a fine art major, the lesson that stuck with me most was one on color. The above Eggleson picture was shown as an example, and the challenge was given to take a photograph that was about color. That was all the instruction given. I'm too lazy to scan my film from that assignment, but the above (you can click on each one to see it bigger) are some examples of how that assignment has affected my way of seeing.

So this weekend,I extend the challenge on to you, dear reader:
Take a picture, that is about color, and send it to me at

Take it with a camera phone, digital, or film camera! I just hope this little homework assignment affects your way of seeing. Because if you ask me, photography teaches us to see. Think about that for a minute. Anywho, look forward to seeing your pics! :)

Tweet Of The Week

This week's featured tweet (or Twitter comment, Mom) comes from my little sis, who works in the deli at her local grocery store:

"When I got to work today there was a dark cloud over the deli.Meat was actually upside down!AND WE STILL DONT HAVE SLICED MEATS IN THE CASE!"smadison18
11:48pm May 27th from web

Good one Maddy.

A Few New Summer Pics

I love how random pics come in, it's like Christmas year round! :) The top one is from the darling Sara Beth (Sweet Trade Photography) skirt and top designed by me. The bottom is the first pic I've got back from from the SNAP event I was a feature model for last month. One of the feature photographers was Tom (Visual Distress). Fun pictures to juxtapose, but stay posted, more pics to come!

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Who Doesn't Like A Good Drunk Text?

Thanks to my brother, I found my new favorite website: People forward texts they got, with the zip code it's from and the outcome is serious funniness. Serious funniness. Some of my recent favs are:

(215): i keep telling myself in the mirror "get undrunk"
(954): i threw up in over 4 different places last night. it was like a world tour
(510): he was wearing sponge bob boxers. Guess how long he lasted.

Obviously you need to check it out :)

Meghan Fox On The Cover Elle's June Issue

What great spread shot by Alexei Hay!! He also did Elle's May cover of Drew Barrymore that I loved! But I don't know what to say about these pics besides they are hot. And make me want to do a swimsuit photo shoot. :) Hopefully I'll get some sweet shots at the below meet up, but I love this spread!

DC Photo Co Op Meet Up Sunday May 31st

I'm going to say the above picture is incentive enough to come!! The DC Photo Co Op I'm part of is having their monthly meet up at the founder, and great photographer, Paulo's mansion.. I mean house... :) on the Chesapeake Bay. There will be cocktails, food, photographers, models, etc. Also Paulo will be taking people out on his boat to inlets for shooting, there also might be some tubing behind the boat (you know I'll be in on that :) There's also 30 acres of woods to shoot in, on the above pier, in the mansion's studio, as well as in and around the mansion.! Yeah, sounds pretty sweet huh?! For more info and to RSVP contact Paulo at:, hope to see you there! :)

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Chris' New NOSE!!

This afternoon, Chris got the stints taken out, stitches and bandages removed, and his new nose reveled!! Can you imagine, he has had a deviated septum his whole life, so when they took the stints out, it was the first time he had ever really been able to really breath!! A success, and what a nice looking schnozzz! :)

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Sweet Nail Art

This one's my favorite, sooo classy:

love the black with bold colors!
or get a cartoon on your nails.. is that Sarah Palin...
cute idea for french tips:

You know me, I love my fake nails :) Was just off to get mine done and thought I'd look up some unique nail designs, and found so many funny one's I had to share!

Friday, May 22, 2009

Tweet Of The Week

"Lady Gaga is like sour milk. You know it's not good. But you still wanna smell it just to make sure."

Me Wearing Emore' J Couture In The Washington White Party Runway Show

My favorite pass in the show!! Check me out 40 seconds in wearing an ammmaazing Emore' J Couture piece, just another day in the office for me :)

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Chris' Nose Surgery

(ode to my favorite fine art photographer, Thomas Ruff )
but as you can see his nose use to slightly bend to the left

Chris and his head surgin, Chris (Dr. Cote)

Him prior the morphine...

...and post :)

after surgery

those damn green socks with the sticky tabs on the bottom... you know what I'm talking about

Exhausting couple of days! Yesterday was 12 hours at Walter Reed Medical Center while Chris got his nose surgery. Well, he actualy got an open septorrhinoplasty with alar rim graft placement, bilaterally, untilateral right spreader graft placement, caudal septal extension graft, right dorsal onlay graft, transdomal sutures placed, with left conchal bowl cartlage harvesting.... actually I think that's on the menu at Mc Donalds .... No, but in layman's terms, he can't breath well out of his nose because of a deviated septum, this was to fix that. He actually got one done about 6 years ago, and they not only botched it, but also made his nose crocked. So this is the second try. But with nationally renowned Dr. Chris Cote (who worked on the US's first face transplant, great doctor!).

But it was a long day.We ended up getting home around 9pm last night (got there at 6am)Once home I had to wake him up every 3 hours to drain his nose and give him his meds. I didn't sleep well a. waking up every couple hours and b. for fear he would bleed to death (he had to be rushed to the ER 16 hours after his last surgery due to bleeding). But, thank goodness, he made it through the night and today was doing surprisingly well! He ate, sat up, was even able to clean his own nose! But I had to go to work today, on top of my, maybe 2 good hours of sleep, so it's been a long couple of days.... Again tonight with the meds every 3 hours...I'm going to have to get some sleep some time. He get's the cast off next Tuesday, so stay posted! :)

Monday, May 18, 2009

Photos From Washington White Party

Corjor black evening gown

Heydari tub top and super comfy linen pants

Emore' J Couture outfit from the Toy Collection

Backstage before the show, me (center) in a custom made Booshie Designs Dress:
The above is the money shot! Trends I'm calling: these two will be famous super models! Megan Doggett on the left, and the super sweet Missy Purvis on the right. Yes I'm selling this on ebay when they are ;)

The cutie herself, Ms Heydari (in her own design)

The above runway pictures are from Danny (Visceral Photography). See more of his pictures from the runway show here. A special thank you to all of the designers that had me in their passes, and Danny for capturing those moments so wonderfully. See below for more detail on this event!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

FYI- "Your Ed Hardy Shirts Have Become Douche Rags"

Thanks to the funniest photog I know, Mr. Carey Hess, I was informed on this vital info. You would have been too if you followed him on twitter. To read more, and learn why your Ed Hardy shirts have, obviously, become douche rags, check out this article by Men In case you didn't already know :)

Washington White Party Recap

It was hot! No, literally though....

The model call was at 2pm. We had 4 hours of hair and makeup with the 'glam squad.' They hooked us models up with amazing ratted hair do's and white eyeshadow, I absolutely loved the look! These models that were cast for the show were/are legit!! 5'8 and up, beaauuutiful girls. It was such an honor to be involved with such talented people!

The super sweet and talented Ginger with Booshie Designs was kind enough to custom design me a dress for the opening pass. All the models were suppose to supply their own outfit for this opening, and I thought it would be a great opportunity to showcase Booshie Designs. And since the event was ran by the director of DC Fashion Week, Ean Williams, I thought it would be a good opportunity to for her to meet Mr. Williams and hopefuly get into September's DC Fashion Week. Well that being said she made this wonderful flowing dream of a dress, that all the models (including myself) loved!

After that opening number, I wasn't in another pass until after the intermission. Which was cool because I got to watch the first half backstage on a tv they had setup streaming the show. One model stood out, and it was the super fierce, Model Tee. This girl! I would be watching the show backstage, and every time I time she came out I was like "who in the hell is that, she has the most fierce walk!" and I would turn around and it was her cute little self coming off the runway. Every time! This girl's walk is so fierce, Tyra watch out!

The next pass I was in was with my other favorite local designer, Emore' J Coutour. (Note to photographers: work with this designer ASAP, because this kid is going to blow up!) I just looovee his designs and I want to wear them everywhere. I should be wearing one right now. And as soon as I find out where to buy his stuff, I will be blogging in his couture pieces. Cause I can. And will :) Well, the next pass was the contrasting ready to wear Heydari line by the cutest 5'1 women, perhaps on earth. The store is filled with comfortable, light weight pieces, but so many! This show was proof of Ms. Heydari's artistic eye, it was so well curated (I'm not sure the fashion speak for that), but the pieces she selected were so perfect for the runway, and to showcase the diversity of her line. Just try her line on, and you'll fall in love with how comfortable it is. Then I was fortunate enough to sneak into the man himself's (Mr. Williams) pass. Sometimes it's about being in the right place. He was rushing around before the show and I could tell he was looking for models, and I said "Do you need another model?" He said, sorry hun you're too short :) (side note: this isn't my first runway show, so I've learned tricks around this minor detail. Designers make their clothes for 5'8-'6'0 girls. But if it's a long dress, you can wear hhiiighh heels be 5'9 and no one will know i.e. stripper heels) Well I quickly quiped back to Mr Williams before he could dismiss me, "I have 6 inch heels, I can be tall!" He stopped, gave me the once over, then said "lemme see them" I ran slapped them on then showed him my runway walk in them. I think he was surprised in the ease I could walk in them, but told his assistant-fit her :) Score. I got this elegant piece of art to wear with a 4 ft train and feather face mask! Ridiculously glamorous. But I'm not going to lie, I was nervous on this on. It was the last pass, the director of DC Fashion Week's line, and I'm wearing a face mask I can barely see out of, 6 inch heels and a train. Could have been bad, but thankfully went seamlessly! We all slapped our white outfits on, flooded, and that was a wrap on the Washington White Party! Fabulous.

But I had tickets to Atmosphere, I had them way before I knew about the runway show. But since the runway show started at 7pm, I thought it would be done just in time for the headliners to come on. But the event was a true production and didn't end until 10pm. So right after the flood, I slapped some street clothes on and took off to the metro. Which was sad because my BF and photographer Danny was there, and I really wanted to hang out and chat with him, but I had to see them play!! Thankfully, I just made it there in time to see them play their last 4 songs. Not much, but better than nothing! :) I even got a t-shirt! (you too can buy Atmosphere swag here).

So all in all, busy but wonderful night, wish you were there! Stay posted, pics to come!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Bo Zhang's Nike Shoe Ad Pics

LOVE this one, perfect angle for a shoe shot!

not sure what this pose is... but go with it

How sweet is the Coca-Cola truck!!

Bo does the most amazing movement shots! See our earlier movement stuff here

Really like this shot. Just me chillin with my kicks on!

and of course, it's all about the Nikes!

These are the last group of shots I did with Bo Zhang last month. See other shots from this photo shoot here. Hair and make up done by me. This set was, obviously, bases on these sweet Nike 6.0's my brother got for me (read post about it here). These shoes are so hot, they're still not out yet! So, here you have in, another katelin's closet exclusive. And who gets a shot on a Coca-Cola truck!?! Yes!!!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

POGO- The next big camera!

Yes, it's printing out of the side of the camera. Finally.

Ahhh I'm so excited about this camera! It's the first ever digital camera that can print pics in seconds!! Ahhh, we all know how much I love Polaroid, this is the 21st century version, and I can't wait until June when it becomes available for purchase!! This must have summer item is 3" x 4.7" and prints 2" x 3" sticky back photos in less than 40 seconds. AND the camera itself has editing software. Snap, take the red eye out, print and stick it on a street sign in less than a minute! Nice. See more about this little love of my life here.

Special Mother's Day Greeting

This special card I made for my best friend (since I was 14), Ali. She lives here in DC, but instead of giving it to her, I thought it would be more poignant if I mailed it to her. But I thought it was too funny not to share with you all. You didn't know I use to work for Hallmark did you ;) Well, HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY TO ALL!!

Friday, May 8, 2009

Pics From Bo Zhang and I's Urban Photo Shoot

I absolutly LOVE the above shot. One of my fav shots of all time!!

Oh Bo, where do I begin... This is the 4th shoot I've done with him (so obviously I adore his work). These are shots from out latest photo shoot about a month ago in downtown DC. Hair, make up, and styling done by me.

side note: You know Chris always tells me to stop gushing about people, but to that I say- I only gush about people I admire and really mean it about. I like to write about things and people I feel passionately about. And I have been fortunate enough to work with such crazy-talented people, I don't think there is anything wrong with telling them, other models, and people in the industry how good these photographers are. Ok I'm done.

Anyways, more gushing, I just love Bo because everything he does is SO completely different from his last batch of work. He is always evolving and making work that is at least 5 steps ahead of the industry. To me, that's one of the reason's it's so fun working with him, you have no idea what you're getting into, but you know it's going to be some of the freshest work out there!

This shoot was similar Stephanie and I's shoot (see blog post here) a couple months ago. Similar in the essence that all the shots were taken on the streets in downtown DC on a beautiful day. But it's fun to see how totally different they are. What do you think? Also the social aspect of it. Steph and I drove around, she would see a location, we would pull over, she would pick an outfit, shoot, repeat. Where Bo and I just walked around and shot whatever (at one point we found a Coca-Cola truck and I hoped on it for a few shots! :) Just bullshitting and shooting. I'm not sure if the comfortably shows through to everyone else, but I think of Bo as my friend, and that dynamic, I feel, changes a photo shoot. Well, I guess enough about me ranting, I suppose the photos speak for themselves... or at least that's what my photo teachers in college would say. You can read Bo's blog for his side of the story too. More pics to come from this photo shoot, so stay posted! : )

p.s. Bo and I are both involved in the DC Photo Co-Op, be sure to check it out if you live in the DMV!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Video Of The Week

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

More Pics From Tony Veloz!

Tony Veloz is so great! We did a shoot back in early February, and he promptly sent me some great shots (see these in this earlier blog post). But just in the last couple days, he send me these! How wonderful is that, it's like Christmas! : ) Which do you like best?!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

My New Car!!

Just got it last night, isn't it cute!! Had to trade in the old 350Z... going to need a 4 seater for the new place! Plus I need a convertible ;) Pictures of me driving with the top off (the cars, not mine of course) coming soon!!

p.s. check out this great article from MSN on buying a car!

Monday, May 4, 2009

Free (And $5) Yoga Classes All Week Thanks To DC Yoga Week!!

Several studios are participating in free and $5 classes all week around DC! Check out the DC Yoga Week Website here for participating studios, and class times! Oooommmmm sounds so much better when it's free! ;)