Wednesday, April 29, 2009

New York Tomorrow!!

partly cloudy in NY tomorrow, high 62 low 53

Big Day Tomorrow! The SNAP event that I'm a feature model for is finally here!!! : ) I get up to NY tomorrow at about 2pm, have a couple hours, then the SNAP event starts at 7 pm! YAY! I have to come back down to DC early the next morning for a meeting with local modeling agency, Cima, so it will just be a quick trip up, but I can't wait!!! : )

FREE Stuff

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Jokes Of The Day

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Special thanks to my brother for these gems : )

31 Cent Scoop Night Tonight At Baskin Robins

Help your neighborhood raise money for your local fire service organization during Baskin-Robbins 31 Cent Scoop Night. For the third annual event, Baskin-Robbins is partnering with the National Volunteer Fire Council (NVFC) and their National Junior Firefighter Program and will donate $100,000 to the cause. So go out, get your ice cream on, and support your local community!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Video Of The Week (In Lillyhammer)

This is my FAVORITE clip of Family Guy. "I'd love to lick a lemon lollipop in Lillyhammer." Always funny.

Monday, April 27, 2009

WEEKEND REVIEW: Sly Horse & Sebation Hair Show

This weekend on Saturday I went to the Sly Horse meet and greet. I had the opportunity to shot with the darling Sarah Beth Faison (Sweet Trade Photography), and my BF, Danny (Visceral Photography)-who took the above shot. I also got to meet the wildly talented, Tim Prendergast. He was booked for the event, but we talked about perhaps doing a shoot in Chinatown, so keep your finger's crossed for that one! But on the whole, the event was terrible! Thankfully I did my research, and touched bases with the above photographers, because there were a lot of skeezy GWC's (guys with cameras), and I'm not looking to waste my time with some D-Bags. Example- Danny's would set up lighting for a shoot, and skeezies would come in and just start snapping their flashes, messing with Danny's flash! Yuck! AND these tools wouldn't even ask me!! How rude is that?! I don't know you, you haven't even introduced yourself, and you think you can just go and snap pics? Whoah....

"I feel disgusted to be associated with a mee tup like that. The only reason I go are are to see the few gems that are there, like you and Sarah." -Danny (that's why we're BF's, we don't like losers)

So I guess lesson learned. But I can't completely hate, because I did get to meet Sarah and Tim, and catch up with Danny... but I sure as hell wouldn't go to one of those meet ups again!

Sunday night was really fun, though! Jackie the owner of PR @ Partners Metro Center and creator of the make up line Pretty By PR, (who also did my hair for the Betsey Johnson runway show) asked me to come model for a Sebation hair product launch party her salon was hosting. Of course I said yes! (It didn't hurt that she threw in a $250 gift certificate for services by her, and the above Flaunt gift set! :) I also got a wonderful paraffin hair treatment, and my make up done! At the event the Sebation people were launching their new Flaunt Collection,

"Flaunt’s star product, Trilliant goes the distance with its multiple benefits ranging from thermal protectant and shimmer complex to moisturizer, anti-frizz protectant and volumizer, replacing the need for spending dollars on several styling products with just one multi-faceted product."

Which is a great product I have to say! Also in the gift set is an exclusive t-shirt designed by the wonderful designer, Charlotte Ronson. If you haven't heard of her, you may know of Samantha Ronson, Charlotte's sis and Lindsey Lohan's (maybe) ex-girlfriend. Anyways, enough US weekly update, but this uber exclusive tee isn't even out until late May, and only in select salons!! Nice. :) I highly recommend PR @ Partners, every time I work with them, I absolutely love the outcome! And stay posted to see what I do with my $250 worth of hair services..... ;)

Friday, April 24, 2009

49 Great New Hair Style Ideas For This Weekend

I was looking for hair ideas for the photo shoots this weekend, and came across this great article! Let's see who can try more! :)

This Weekend

Busy weekend! Tonight is the Photo Co-Op meet and greet, tomorrow is the Sly Horse meet and greet (above flyer) in Rockville all day, and then Sunday I'm doing a fashion show at PR @ Partners, Metro Center. I worked with PR @ Partners for the Betsey Johnson Runway show I did (picture in blue dress). I also worked with PR @ Partners in Reston, with Miss Aja for their annual photo shoot. They do amazing work work and it should be great networking! Busy weekend, so I will definetly update on Monday, so stay posted! :)

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

I'm Going To Be In The Official Washington White Party Fashion Show!!

Crystal City Doubletree Hotel (that dome on top is where the after party will be)

View from the Sky Dome. Yes that IS the Washington Monument. :)

I submitted my portfolio last week to audition for The Washington White Party Fashion Show. Thankfully, I was asked to come in to Heydari on Friday for an invite only audition! There I had the pleasure of meeting
Ean Williams, the director of DC Fashion Week (just one of his many accomplishments). I walked for him, then he had his photographers, from, snap a few pictures (the above). But the great news, is they just e-mailed me and I got asked to be in the show!! :) The annual event will highlight innovative fashion designers and model talent. It will be on Saturday, May 16, 2009 at the beautiful Crystal City Doubletree Hotel, in Arlington, VA. You better believe I will be at the model after-party in the above Sky Dome! But don't worry, you can come too! : ) Tickets go on sale soon.

"This first class event's list of invitees includes magazines, agency representatives, fashion photographers and talent management companies. They know we secure some of the best model talent the east coast has to offer."

That was the conclusion to their e-mail. It's going to be a great event, and I'm so excited to be involved in it! The designer fittings will be soon, so stay posted! :)

Today Is FREE CONE DAY At Ben & Jerry's!!

See the official site! It's nation wide, so be sure to go get yours today! :)

Video Of The Week

Some of you know what their talking about. And if you do, you know it's funny...... :)

Meeting Jon Ginoli From The Pansy Division!

Jon Ginoli (from the Pansy Division!!) had a great acoustic show last night at The Source! Surprisingly, there weren't many people at the intimate theater. It could have been that is was a Monday night... or the fact it was pissing rain all day (hence my disaster of a head of hair :) But the bad weather was well worth going out in to see the performer rip up the acoustic guitar! He was so well spoken during the Q & A part of the show while people poured their hearts out about how thankful they were to have Pansy Division when they were coming out. It was really touching how deeply the band has affected people in the 15 years (!!) they have been together. His reserved demeanor, and thin frame were so stark to the animated performances of such songs as, "20 years of cock" : ) He is a genus. Talented, humors, a true pioneer- I would compare him to Kanye West on the level of making amazing hooks, paired with witty, funny, sometimes touching lyrics. It was so much fun getting to meet him!

Monday, April 20, 2009

Come See Pansy Division Tonight!!

Front man Jon Ginoli playing with his monkey...

Can't wait to see them live!!

I've adored this west coast band since high school, Pansy Division will soon be touring behind its newest release, “That’s So Gay.” (This underground super group broke in the 1980s as an openly gay indie rock band, opening for Green Day on their first major tour!) So be sure to check them out at The Source Theater Tonight, April 20 at 8 pm the band’s frontman Jon Ginoli is touring behind his new autobiography “Deflowered,” he will make a stop at to screen the new documentary “Pansy Division: Life in a Gay Rock Band,” play a couple songs and hold a Q&A with the audience. "And those who really love the guy can meet him as he signs merchandise in the lobby at the end of the night. This is probably the closest you will get to Jon outside of a bedroom , as the chance to be in such tight quarters with a living queer legend doesn’t come along very often."

The Source Theater (1835 14th Street NW) 8 pm. Tickets are $10 and will be available the day of the show.


huge back yard
fire place!
3 bedrooms!!
actual dining room!!!

Time to move!! I've been living the metropolitan live for the last 5 years, so it would be nice to have some privacy... and space! So moving to Maryland, and look at what you get instead of a 12 ft sq 2 bedroom! Doesn't that back yard say slip n' slide to you?!? : ) Stay tuned for the best summer parties in the DMV!

Friday, April 17, 2009

Meeting The Head Of The Coast Guard

How cute is the Commandant!!

Me and the Vice Commandant!!

Yesterday I was lucky enough to meet the highest ranking member of the Coast Guard, Commandant Thad Allen. This man is the real deal- he was confirmed by the senate, and appointed by his boss, the President. This is the kind of person you want on your friend's list! : )
I got to meet him because Chris got a very prestigious award, and it was presented to him in front of a crowd of people by the main man himself. All day I had been plotting how I could sneak a picture with him. I had been practicing the switch-a-roo, were you sneak up and pop in next to someone then say "look" and you both look at your friend with the camera. But all my practicing was in vain, because with the help of the wildly talented and WELL published Coast Guard Photographer, Dan Bender (who, hopefully, we'll hear more from!) I ended up with not only a picture with Thad, I also scored one with the darling and my person role model, Vice Commandant Vivien Crea (read that link, this woman is amazing, the highest ranking female in all of the military and the first to be that. Not to mention she's a total sweetheart!) So it ended up be a great weekend and total success!! :)

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Want a Free Meal From TGI Friday's?

Click on the above coupon, print it out, and take it in before April 30th!! Can't say I never took you out to eat! : )

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 Out This Fall!!

"your enemy ist airborne!!"
Wanna game PS3 users?! Friend Request me- user id: crnin

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2, aka COD 6, confirmed it's release date for November 10, 2009!!!
Just a few weeks ago at the Game Developers Conference in San Fransisco not only did they spill the beans on it's release date, but also premiered the above tester (emphasis on tease ie not much to it). All you other gamers probably saw this too- in the trailer at 1:12 in the upper right hand corner of the screen the 5 symbols.... new perk symbols....? : ) who knows, but hopefully they will do another great release party like they did for the last COD (above picture of me, read blog post about event here) Nonetheless I'm putting my $5 down now at Gamestop to reserve a copy!! ; )

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Song Of The Week

SiRs Photos

I always love how Stephanie (Sirs Photography) gives so many different looks from one photo shoot! Just got her cd in the mail, and found these gifts on it! (see photo shoot recap here) She's such a wonderful person and I hope our playful friendship shows through in these pics. They were shot from Chinatown to L'Enfant Plaza, how fun and what a great souvenir of DC! P.s. the second one down is the face I make after spending the day looking into the sun, trying to work that light, don't worry I'm not really sad! Just another job hazard. ;) Which do you like best?!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

My New Purse!!

When I came home last night Chris told me there was something for me on the couch... When I went in there, there was a Coach box. Inside was the above GORGEOUS, 'Coach Signature Madison Op Art Sateen Large Sabrina Satchel'. Quite a name for such a cute little purse! But what a wonderful and unexpected gift!!! This purse is brand new this year, and I had never seen it before, but with a classic Coach purse, you can't go wrong! I found all the above pictures online. I couldn't find one of it's super fun hot pink inside, but I did find a picture of the best part, the removable strap that, when not in use, tucks neatly under the bag...oh I love it!!

And not to name drop or anything... but that is Hayden Panettiere, and Isla Fisher carrying my purse :)

Does This Happen To Anyone Else...

Does this shit ever happen to anyone else?... those damn little pod things get all stuck together, and then one pops all over your hand... damnit, they work so good though...

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

PR at Partners Photo Shoot

Waaayyy back in January I replied to casting call for hair models for PR at Parners (a chain of great, edgy salons here in DC) and was selected by the super stylish and talented Aja at the Reston location. She wanted to do a Boho look with me. I have also worked with a different location of PR at Partners for the Betsey Johnson runway show I did (blog entry here). Well, I guess once a year all the hair stylist from all the locations compete in different categories, and I was chosen for the 'blow out' section. But Aja is such a doll, she ended up cutting and dying my hair as well (over a $300 in services!!) And for the icing on the cake, she even gave me the darling shoes she got for me to wear for the shoot! It was a really fun experience and I got to work with Miami photographer Stredwick (check out his work, it's pretty bossy) So please, everyone cross your fingers that my picture scores Aja the win!!! :)

Monday, April 6, 2009

Alternative Modeling Agency- The Core

It was so sad finding out the only alternative modeling agency I'd ever heard of,Ugly NY, was closing. But today I came across an agency that's doing it bigger, better, and even with a high fashion flare! It's called The Core. They are painfully cutting edge :) Not only do they represent models, they also have photographers, stylists and performers! On their website, it says they

"Personally hand pick all of our models in order to maintain the vision of providing our clients with the top alternative talent in the industry.

Their current headquarters is in Sweden, but I'm hopping they are expanding to the states! Watch out world, this is the next big th
ing in modeling, and I can only hope to be a part of it! ;)
p.s. they have a great blog too! Check it out here:

Saturday, April 4, 2009

I Got Picked To Be An April SNAPMUP Feature Model!

Over 600 people showed up for last month's SNAPMUP meet and greet in NJ. There are only 15 feature models each month and I was chosen for April! :) Yup that's me 3rd in from the right on the top row (photo taken by SiRs Photography). It's going to be a great night of mingling, live DJ's, tons of differnt sets to shoot at, a runway show and the east coast's biggest meet and greet of photographers, make up artists, and designers! As a feature model you get a table to book future gigs, and set your portfolio up at. You also get to shoot with the feature photographers, and book for time slots that night! I'm excited and looking forward to the great oppurtunity... and a road trip... ;)

(You can click on the flyer to see it bigger. I also put the flyer up on the blog to the right ----> :)