Monday, March 30, 2009

Jesse Justice Photo's From The Booshie Ball Event

(yup. that's me in the wig)
my new boyfriend.

Just got these great pictures back from Jesse Justice, from the Booshie Ball Fashion event I was part of last month (see blog post recapping it here). Perfect timing, because Booshie Designs just won runner up (!!!) for best local designer on DC's 'Best Of List', from City Link Paper. Congratulations Ginger!! I love these pictures and think they show how much fun the event really was! All clothing I'm wearing in the above shots is Booshie, so keep an eye on Booshie Designs because Ginger's 100% original, vintage inspired threads are going to be in Barney's across the country soon! ")

Friday, March 27, 2009

Kendal Carr / Miachael Reyes Photos

Just got these pictures back from the photo shoot I did with the photographer Kendal Carr and make up artist Michael Reyes. Kendal has been really busy, shooting in Miami, and doing magazine covers in Cabo San Lucas but somehow has squeezed me in and we are shooting again next Wednesday :) So stay posted for a recap of that shot, it's going to be a good one!

Where to Go In Miami If You Are Visiting

So many people were coming into work to get ready for Miami this week for the Winter Music Conference which started Wednesday and goes through the weekend. If you don't know what it is, you should. Google it. All the pokies know what it is though...damnit wish I was there...instead I'm going to the Cherry Blossom Festival. Great. Anyways, I've been dishing out Miami advice like it was bailout money, and I thought, well shit I should put this in the blog. So here is, the inside info I would give to anyone visiting mi amor- MIAMI:

Hotel to stay at: The Delano in South Beach, or The Four Seasons in Brickell.

Eat at The Forge (my favorite restaurant) or Prime 112 for steak. On weekends The Forge also has a great club to dance at (not too crowded, upscale older crowd)

Go to Niki Beach! It's great to go in the afternoon (week day or night) get drinks, lay out it's gorgeous. It's also turns into a club on the weekends. Do it.

Best Clubs: Mansion-to see celebrities, The Fifth-to dance, Lemoch plays there! And Space to get your techno on until 8am

Go to Wet Willies on Ocean Dr, get a frozen daiquiri sit out on their deck. It's the best place to people watch

Go to South Beach to see fake boobs, and hotties playing volleyball, but rent a cabana on Ft Lauderdale Beach and lay out. I like it better than South Beach, it's cleaner.

A fun field trip is to head over to 8th st/ Calle Ocho in Miami. See the old guys playing domino's, get some really great Cuban food (my recommendation: a Cuban sandwich and a cafe con leche) It's cool and it's not a huge tourist attraction.

So there you have it, you can't go wrong if you follow that advice!

"I'm In Miami, Bitch"

I made this playlist to celebrate the music conference. The second song is a mix by my favorite techno DJ in Miami, DJ Lemoch. The rest are the hottest songs out right now, so let it playyyyy...... :)

THE Funniest, And My Favorite Video On You Tube

Monday, March 23, 2009


On Monday I had the opportunity to shoot with the first photographer I ever shot with, and oh what a beautiful day it was for a shoot! Stephanie (SiRs photography) who swooped me up and got my portfolio rolling with my first photo shoot And hooked me up with the Betsey Johnson runway show I did! I really admire her attention to detail. From picking a location, to her style of shooting. Example- she'd catch me mid pose, then take it to the next level- tweak hair, straighten outfit (mind you, I'm still mid-pose) tuck shirt, lift head slightly, then snap it. As you will see, that trait shines through her work, and really makes her work something special. I am so thankful to get the opportunity to work with such talented people that are going to do big things. It's a real honor. That being said, she came in to DC and we did a real hot set of city shots around DC. I tell photographers all the time they should come to my house and pick out outfits, and she is the first to take me up on it. I think she was pleasantly surprised.... or horrified. " )
She picked all kinds of outfits! It's fun when someone else looks through your wardrobe, because they see outfits (that totally work) that you would have never thought of! A few things she pulled were: A dress I hand made, a dress my mom made for herself when she was my age, a MODA sweater I just got up in NY last week, hell, we even cut up a shirt for the shoot! ") Great outfits, great locations, you might even see a monument shot... just maybe ") Stay posted it's going to be a fun, diverse shoot!

My Weekend In Pictures

Saw cheery blossoms for the first time!

Got eaten by Jaws @ Smithsonian

Said hi to the capitol

Beautiful weekend for Eastern Market!

And of course, had to stop in at Hawk and Dove's for brunch ($3 mean mommosa's and screwdrivers) it's a no brainer

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Spring Into Style On The First Day Of Spring

Yesterday being the first official day of Spring, it's only appropriate to do a shoot in the perfect Spring outfit, a jumper. Even if it was in the 40's. :)

Bo one of my most favorite photographers (see pictures from our photo shoot in this and this blog post) invited me to an open house at the studio we last shot at. Of course I said yes! Bo is so fresh and innovative, each of his shoots are new and always evolving. It's exciting to see what he'll do next and it's such an honor to be involved in his work. Any excuse to possibly shoot with Bo, I'm there. The open house was with The DC Photo Coop that he is part of. I would highly recommend anyone in the business to get involved with this organization! They have workshops (some taught by Bo himself!) mixers, model portfolio building, and studio rental. (Be sure to check out their fashion gallery for pics of me!) Anyways, meet and greets are really scary for me. I am super shy. People don't believe me when I say that because I can converse and mingle, but it takes real effort for me with people I don't know. There was a huge picture of me taken by Bo on the wall, so that was helpful as an ice breaker. "Hi, my name's Katelin. See that big picture over there, yeah that's me." :) It was nice meeting other photographers and models but I was really there in case Bo was available to shoot. I'm new to these things, so I wasn't sure how it was going to go down. There were about 10 photographers, 2 shooting stations and about 5 models. I wasn't one of the models that started at a shooting station, so I just mingled a little bit. To my excitement Bo came up and asked if I wanted to shoot.

I'm not sure if the other models were pussies, or just no one thought of shooting outside. But after Bo picked from the outfits I brought, he grabbed a light and we headed outside. There are some great alleys around the studio. I saw the photographers jaws drop as I came out into the 40 degree weather in a light weight floral jumper.... :) That's how we roll. I really wanted to get some spring/summer looks in my portfolio, so I'm so glad Bo picked that outfit to shoot in. You know jumpers are going to be hot this season! And, so what it was freezing outside, at least there wasn't snow on the ground this time. I dare any photographer to have the balls Bo does. Each time we shoot in the cold he doesn't wear a jacket or anything- And What! If I'm in it, he's in it. At least I was moving! After 20 minutes of doing model sprints (yes that's me really running in 3 inch heels) our freezing paid off, I'm so ecstatic how it came out! Definitely stay posted, because Bo and I have more shoots in the works, and can you imagine once I have hair and makeup done?!? Stay tuned!! : )

Friday, March 20, 2009

America's Got Talent Recap

Status Quo from America's Best Dance Crew!!

The totally fabulous Devon and I
Me in my favorite place with my favorite accessory- a Long Island ice tea :)
Me and the hot mammas. What, am I the grumpy model?!.. :)
Me being sassy, what's new.
Back shot of my amazing up do!

So sorry for not keeping up lately, the last couple days were crazy, I was in NY filming for FOX's America's Got Talent. The wildly talented Devon who, I would say, is a hair sculptor, not just a hair stylist asked me to be one of her 4 models for the show. Keep an eye on this girl, she is amazing! Due to contracts we all had to sign, I can't disclose much about the actual taping of the show, but the whole experience was nutty. We got the meet Nick Cannon the shows new host, The Hoff, Sharon Osborne and the true D Bag himself, Pierce. My favorite acts were The Divas, Statues Quo, and multi talented Zach Winningham (google him). Those are 3 groups, regardless of the show are going far! It was a great experience and I am so thankful I got to meet so many talented people. Stay tuned in June to see it!

Model Open Calls In NYC Recap

So after filming America's Got Talent, I stayed another full day (Wednesday) to go to open calls and to drop off portfolio pics. It was an interesting day, so I thought I would share my escapades...

10am Request Model Management- They were my favorite agency of the day. Great vibe, edgy models, small boutique agency. Unfortunately, they were not interested, nor did they say why, so I'll be back.

11am New York Model Management- I absolutely love the look of this agency, they are so edgy and fresh. Unfortunately, they are very strict about height, and I wasn't even let in to see the casting director to show my portfolio. But they did give me a list of commercial modeling agencies that I will definitely look into.

11:30 VNY- Nice women, looked at my portfolio, loved my tattoos, but said they unfortunately don't sign models under 5'8.

12:30 Ugly Ny- This was my top pick, mainly because they sign tattooed models. But when I went in they were moving. The guys were super friendly, but they are currently under construction. They are going to be moving, changing the name, and revamping the agency. I will definitely stay in touch with them!

3pm Wilhelmina Room full of gorgeous girls. At the front desk, they had us fill out a stats sheet, and collected our books. About 10 minutes later the casting director came out and said, 'we are not currently interested in anyone, thank you.' I'm wondering if they even looked at our books, or if they just check our stats sheets.... whatever

3:20 Ford The lobby was packed! Maybe 50-60+ dime pieces. I mean these girls were the real deal, 5'8 pin thin, skinny jeans, tanks hair pulled back. They knew what they were doing. This was, in my opinion, the best run open call. The casting director meet with everyone one by one and personally looked at your book, and asked a few questions. The most personal attention I got all day. When it was my turn, she look one look at me (in my 4inch heels) and said 5'6? :) The smart ass I am said, 'Wow, must not be your first day' that and a few other comments I had her in stitches. But she also said 5'8, sorry.

3:55 Major Model Management The biggest D Bag agency of the day. Honestly, soo rude. They had us line up in groups of about 10 and one by one walk around a room of agents sitting at a table. It was bad enough we didn't get to show our portfolios, but while we were walking these dick bags were either chit chatting amongst themselves, yawning, texting, pretty much anything but looking up at us. This is the first agency I am going to tell to blow me when I'm on top.

4:20 FFT Talent Agency The last stop of the day, I was completely exhausted, but it was right next to Major, so I said, fuck it, why not. When I went in, the question was asked by the front desk girl to the agent, "Should I?" I held my breath, he took a hard look at me, "Yeah, look at her book" :) She liked my portfolio, but said it was too high fashion, they do more commercial work. ahhaha what a joke. I am too short for high fashion, but to high fashion for commercial. But she did said if I can get a few commercial shots, they might be interested in signing me, so we'll see.

Such a long day. And those were just the agencies that were having open calls. I also dropped off some of my pictures at Image Management, IMG, and Elite. 11 agencies in all. 'So you wanna be on top.' :) Yes Tyra, I do.

Friday, March 13, 2009

FREE Tank Top at Aéropostale from Seventeen Magazine

Bring a copy of the April 2009 issue of Seventeen magazine (above) and show the page with the featured Aéropostale tank, or bring in a printout of the homepage, to a participating Aéropostale store to receive a FREE tank top! (One tank per person while supplies last, and the closest is Pentagon City :) There are 30,000 tank tops available nationwide, the promo started March 3, so there should still be some left! Promotion ends April 6, 2009 and a notice will be posted on when they have given away all 30,000 tank tops. See you at Pentagon City Mall! :)

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Come Watch Me In The Graham Webb Academy Runway Show Tomorrow!!

Graham Webb Academy
Thursday March 12 @ 11am
1621 N Kent St, Suite 1617
Arlington, VA 22209
2 Blks from Rosslyn Metro Stop!

I am going to be in Graham Webb Academy's runway show tomorrow afternoon. It should be really fun, we're wearing all black to showcase different hairstyles. So, if you have the afternoon off, come on out and watch me 'do work'! ")

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

RECAP: Booshie Ball, Saturday March 7th

In my earlier post, I previewed Booshie Design's, Booshie Ball. It turned out to be a fantastic night! I was fortunate enough to be personally asked by the designer to model for the event Saturday night. I adore her clothes, so of course I said yes! So Saturday, right after the Top Model audition I went home, threw on some jeans, and a hat and headed off to Jimmy Valentine's for the event. (There is no website, but you can check out this awesome review by The Washington Post). Let me tell you this place is the real deal. It has all of the qualifications to be my kind of dive bar: No sign out front, large dog-present INTHE BAR the entire evening, a midget, tall boy PBR's, and a cash only bar. I knew I loved it the minute I walked in. When I got there the fabulous, and darling Kat was all ready to do my makeup, which turned out absolutely beautiful! This woman is soo talented, I really hope we get to work together again! Then the evening began....There was free champagne, and people walking around passing out decedent truffles all night, it was great! Not to mention the gift bags everyone got!! Which were filled with Booshie t-shirts, scarfs, stickers, bracelets etc. To top it off, all the DJ's that were brought it were AWESOME, kicking techno and house beats all night, it was a great event!

There wasn't really enough room for a runway show though, so they had set up a changing room at the front corner of the place with a red curtain. They put studio lights and a little platform in front of the curtain so it turned out to be more of a live photo shoot. The designer, Ginger, is so sweet, all she asked of us, was that we are always wearing something from the collection, and to keep a glass of champagne in our hand the whole night. ") That's a request I can do with a smile. So throughout the night we would go behind the curtain and, literally, play dress up. Ginger brought tons of accessories and wigs, and had a rack of her designs in the changing room. She said wear whatever you want, change as much as you like. ") I did. I changed probably 4 or 5 times putting all kinds of combonations together, wait until you see some of the fun outfits I made! Well, once one of us models had an outfit on, we would come out and stand on the platform, doing some poses while fat beats pounded in the background and the photographer Jesse snapped away. The crowd loved it, and it was so fun, and different! I'm sure he got some great pictures, so stay posted to see them!

Sunday, March 8, 2009

My Audition For America's Next Top Model, Cycle 13

(you can still vote for me on the CW's website here)

So, I didn't get picked. But here's my story....

Thankfully, my best friend was just as excited as I was that this season's Top Model is for girls 5'7 and under, and insisted she come with me to the casting call. I am so grateful she was there! There were 2,000+ girls at this open call....did you get that, 2,000+ auditioned on Saturday!! Holy shit. But think about it, Tyra should do some good with these auditions. Especially in this economy. Can you imagine if she made everyone who was auditioning bring 3 cans of canned food? Or a bag of used clothes? 2,000+ people, what a difference that could make to a homeless shelter... Well, we got there at 8am, 2 hours before the casting began, and there were already 638 girls (plus their entourages) there. I know this because my audition number was 639* (silly me, I thought it was a lucky number. Read more on this at the bottom of the post if interested) But really, what kind of friend gets up at 6:30am after parting the night before to go wait in line for 7 hours? (Yes, that's how long we were there) I'll tell you, a good friend! But we aren't dummies, we brought flats to wear, snacks, and pillows to sit on. Surprisingly, few others did the same. Most girls were wearing their hottest heels, and we all know, they can be the least comfortable. It was honestly the hottest display of shoes I've ever seen! Soo much fun seeing all of the girls outfits, shoes and perfect hair styles! It wasn't until 5 hours into the game, until we made it to the front of the line. I gave my stuff to my BF, and headed inside, thinking it would only be about 30min more. I was wrong. Once inside the hotel, we were corralled into a tiny ballroom sitting in 3 groups of a hundred. In about 45min incriminates, a new batch of girls were pulled from their seats to line up against the wall. The staff would say, "All of your bags, personal items and your number must be in your left hand! You will all walk in silently and stand heel to hell with the girl in front of you. No spaces ladies!" Seemed like some kind of model Auschwitz. Lining us up, hope and fear in these girls eyes, no idea whats on the other side of the door, only to never to been seen again. On top of it all, no one had cell phone service to call their loved ones to tell them it was going to be longer than the 30 min we had all expected (it ended up being 2 hours). Hurry up and wait. Finally my group was lined in, and marched into the small casting room. On one wall was the casting director in all her glory, behind huge studio lights sitting next to the cameraman. (Mind you her being there was a big deal, she only goes to 4 cities, and DC is one of them!) Well, we lined up boob to back, heel to heel, on the 3 remaining walls. No spaces, standing in profile, you couldn't see our bodies. Our things were to be in our left hand so we could drop them in the middle of the room, in a quick and timely fashion. Then it began. We were to step out of line, quickly, say our name, age, height and weight, then step back in line, next girl. THAT was your chance at being America's Next Top model. "katelin, 24, 5'5,105lbs" That's it, plus she wasn't even looking at us, she was flipping through our applications. "ANTM looks for personality, originality, etc...." boast's their website. Bullshit. I'll tell you the truth-the casting director took our 15 page, in depth applications, flipped them over and just starting ripping through the pictures we had attached. That's the bottom line ladies and gentleman. They could have saved mine, and their time, by just walking down the line outside (that looped twice around the block) had us hold up our pictures in front of us, and just grabbed girls like that. Be honest with people. Your personality, and catwalk, doesn't mean shit. Well, it only took about 4 minutes to get through 100 of us regurgitating those 4 fun facts. Then the first cut was made. We had no idea that was all we got to do before the cut. You could see the horror and sadness in girls eyes when they realized we weren't going to get a chance to walk or talking. It went from 100 down to 12. As she was flipping through the applications, I saw her pull my picture. When the numbers were called, mine was one of them. I was ecstatic! "This is it!" I thought, "I've got this, now that I have some breathing room, it's on like Donkey Kong! They'll see my walk, see my tattoos, know I've got more drive and personality that all these girls combined, and I'll be having Mimosa's at Tyra's by Fall fashion week!" Didn't quite happen like that. The first thing they had us do when it was down to 12, was have us tie up our shirts, to show our stomachs. Then one by one the casting director had the camera man close up on our face; have us smile, give a straight face, then the camera man got a full body shot of us. Next girl. That was it. Again, obviously, showcasing our personalities....not. We didn't say a word-smile, serious face, suck it in, next girl. That was it before the final cut, the remaining girls would make call backs. I didn't make the final cut down to 4. I only saw two of the girls that were left. One girl was goth looking with pale skin, dark hair and some sentences tattooed on her back, the other girl I saw was a pretty, plain, brunette 5'3 girl. I was fucking livid. Give me 1 minute to say something! 1 minute, shit, 30 seconds, and I promise you'll remember, and pick me!!$@#!!!! but I don't know, I'm kinda torn. Part of me is really honored that the casting director of the most prestigious modeling show picked me out of 100 girls! That's really cool. But the other part feels robbed. Apparently, wasn't meant to be. I just wonder if it was because of my tattoos.... I hope it was, because I'm out to prove something. Big tattooed, high fashion models will be in trend for females, watch. I'm going to start it. There are already top male models with tons of tattoos (i.e. Tyson Beckford, David Beckem). But it's ok, if they're not ready for it yet, I'll show Tyra- I'm the next big thing. " )

*My favorite Chinese restaurant in Guam was named 369. I remember asking the owner why he named it that, and he told me they are the 3 most lucky numbers in Chinese. When I got 639, I was stoked! Here is the breakdown of each number: The number 6 in Mandarin is pronounced the same as "sleek"and "fluid" and is therefore considered good for business. The number 6 also represents happiness. The number 3 sounds similar to the character for "birth", and is thus considered a lucky number. The number 9 being the greatest of single-digit numbers, was historically associated with the Emperor of China. Also, the number 9 is a homophone of the word for "longlasting." There you go. There's your Chinese lesson for the day too!

Thursday, March 5, 2009

"Excuse me, I'm all tied up at the moment."

Me between shots. Looks so funny in the getup " )

Just got the pictures back from the wildly creative Stacia with Adhesion PhotoArt! In my earlier post (here) I didn't say much about the shoot. For me, it's hard to explain the above. What is it, high fashion rope art? Who needs labels. " ) I'm just so pleased with how the pictures turned out, a real collaboration! The dramatic makeup, Stacia's imagination, my tattoos and a high fashion edge. I really think we made something that hasn't been done yet, that's exciting. ")

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

March 7, 2009 I'm Going to Be In A Booshie Runway Show!!

Jimmy Valentine's
Saturday March 7, 2009 @ 9pm
1103 Bladensburg Rd NE
Washington, DC 20002

The super stylish, and very creative local designer of Booshie Designs, Ginger, has asked me to be in her runway show this Saturday! ") She has some beaauutttiful hand-made, one of a kind pieces that are going to be showcased, and for sale, at the party. The gift bags alone should be incentive enough to come! (I got a sneak peek of what's going in them, trust me, you want one :) Runway show, live DJ's, some free food, and champague all night. Did I mention she's doing a drawing for a custom made dress, just for the winner?! So come out and watch me rip the runway!

Danny's New Website: Visceral Photography

A photographer I have been working with, Danny (who shot the Betsey Johnson runway show I did) just launched his website and it looks great! Check it out here:

And stay posted to it too, because I know he's going to want to put some work of me on it the more we work together :)

Monday, March 2, 2009

1st Trip To New York EVER (Recap)

Me in front of Betsey Johnson's plaque in the fashion district.

The view from my $69 a night hotel room
Me and one of my BF's from high school, and our opinion of Rudy's Bar

1. Knish

2. Best cheap hotel room in New York- $69 at The Americana Inn

3. ICP's Exhibits throughout the year. Right now it's Edward Steichen: In High Fashion

4. Dave's Tavern, Near Port Authority

5. Katz, Lower East Side

In my earlier post, hopefully you got a sense of my excitement for my first trip to NYC. Finally made it up there. Got there Saturday at noon and for a quick 24 hour trip. Though, in the short time I was there, I saw quite a bit. But I do have to describe NY with a four letter word. COLD. Really fucking cold. So that definetly hindered my experience, we all know I'm a warm weather girl. But that aside, NY has a vibe that is incomparable!
The first thing on the agenda was seeing Times Square. Obviously. While I was in the area, I had to stop in at the IPC. They are having a show on, of all things, fashion photography with one of my favs, Stieglitz. Their gift shop is a MUST SEE. Reminded me why I spend 5 years studying such a beautiful art; because when it's good, it's soooo good..... From there, I was on a mission. An eating mission. I've always been infatuated with street food in NY, so I had to hit up as many as possible. I had a knish, some of those tasty sweet almonds, peperoni pizza (Vegetarian Relapse #1) and a Gyro ( 3rd and final Vegetarian Relapse,). Obviously I fell off the wagon. :) Saturday night stopped in at an Athony Bourdain certified Keens (Episode 'Disappearing Manhattan' which I have to say, did influenced this quick trip up there). Though walking into a place like this on a Saturday night w/o a reservation is a joke, I realize, so ate in the bar. I don't know I'd really recommend it. $25 steak sandwich and fries (Vegetarian Relapse #2). I'm sorry, but if you're a steak house that's been open over 100 years, you should be able to make a freaking decent steak sandwich. They didn't. So next it was to one of my one of BF's from high schoo's placel who lives in Hell's Kitchen. Beautiful apartment on the 36 floor!! Then there began the dive bar crawl. Should have just stopped at the first one. The rest aren't worth repeating (ie. the shithole Rudy's- pictured above) We ducked into my favorite dive bar of the night (out of about 5) on a whim, Dave's Tavern. Chill, peanuts on the ground, not crowded, $5 drinks. Nough said. I've gotta go back. Then it was down to SOHO for the other thing in NY I heart, Katz Deli. $15 for a corned beef sandwich, but you can bet your ass I would, and will, pay it again. Great place that, to me, was perfect representation of NY. Full of colorful, and eclectic people. And the slice of brownie cheesecake I had. To die for. Can't say enough about this place! Should have gone home after that though. Ended up checking out a few more bars around the corner from Katz, but again, aren't worth mentioning. It was Lameville. Yuppytown. Not my scene. So we headed back, and caught the death cab home. I was really hoping to catch the Cash Cab from the tv show, but didn't. He's lucky I was fearing for my life, or I would have been barfing from car sickness all over the back of his car. These cab drivers are no joke. Fortunately that night I sleep really well, so got to see the Fashion District, Bryant Park, Parsons, and my hero Betsey's plaque (above) before we had to head back home. Grabbed a Gyro for the ride and caught the bus to DC right there next to Madison Square Garden. :) 4 hours later I was home. Short but sweet.
All in all I would definitely live there, I don't think it would be hard to adjust. Plus everything is at your fingertips in Manhattan. Fresh flowers, deli's filled with the most beautiful food, news stands, everything was so easy. I really can't wait to go back!

JohnnyBe Photos

As you may remember (and if not, you can read the post here), me talking about shooting with a dorian fruit. Oh yes all you Adrew Zimmerman freaks, it does smell that nasty, but oo look how lovely the pics are! :) I hand made the tutu, and the pink 80's sweatshirt. The tutu actully goes with a Katelin Couture dress I made, but thought it could work for the dance theme we had. And it was so nice that JohnnyBe got the pictures to me in record time, and I'm stoked how they turned out!