Friday, October 31, 2008

Joke Of The Day (Halloween Special)

Halloween Time!!

Some of my favorite things at Halloween time: Candy corn, carving pumpkins, eating the seeds, and baking!

Monday, October 27, 2008

Howard Fashion Show Pictures

Tracy Morning & The Honey Child Fahion Show

Last weekend I did a fashion show for Tracy Morning's Honey Child clothing.... But I have some back story with the Morning's I want to dish first. Last year in Miami, I stood outside a cigar shop (you know the one next to Cheesecake Factory in Coconut Grove), anyways I waited outside pen and paper in hand, waiting for Alonzo Morning to come out. I saw him walk in and didn't want to bother him, so I waited for him to come out. Well, when that prick did, he looked at me and my autograph material, and just kept walking. I was so shocked, I froze. I should have told him he could go blow himself... Anyways they're pretty big celebrities in Miami and are known for their charity work. But I should have known the apple doesn't fall far from the tree when I met Tracy. She is just as rude and stuck up as her husband. I was so disgusted with her bias toward the other girls, her rude speech she gave after the show, and just her bitch demeanor, that I didn't even want a picture with her!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Howard University Homecomming Fashion Show 2008 Semi-Recap

It was soooo much fun! First runway show and it was out of hand! Above is the first pass, I'm wearing Betsey Johnson. As you can see, my sweet ass orange hair. Yes. Sorry I haven't posted earlier, but mom came out for the show and I've been busy hanging with her. I just had to drop a quick post on how seamless the show went. I will definitely post more later, I have more great pictures of backstage and celebrities! The show was filmed so nicely, but it hasn't been posted on the net yet. My mom shot some video on her camera, I'll try to upload that soon if the video isn't posted. But there is so much more to talk about, America's Next Top Models in the show, the celebrities that were there, so much more to say, so check back in a couple days!! ;) Until then, viva to my first runway show!

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Song Of The Week

Common ft. Pharrell "UMC (Universal Mind Control)." Whatch the video here.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Random Info

Just found out who is opening for Atmosphere's Paint The Nation Tour! Abstract Rude, Blueprint, and DJ Rare Groove. So I listened to some samples and they all have a hip hop vibe. Abstract Rude sounded good, but I don't know about Blueprint. Whatever, sooo excited! If you didn't catch the world premiere of Kanye West's new video for Love Lockdown on Ellen yesterday, you can watch it here. He said he channeled American Psycho for the video... what do you think about it?

Runway Update #5

Last night we had a fitting for the girls in the 3rd pass. It was, of course, tons of fun trying on all the vintage dresses. I felt like we were all getting ready for prom. Took my camera with me, thought I'd give a little sneak peak. ;) Aren't the girls beautiful?! Everyone thought I looked like Barbie... I'm not sure I'd go that far, but it's always fun wearing a hot pink dress with sequins.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Washington DC Auditions

Date: Tuesday, October 7, 2008
Time: 7:00pm - 9:00pm
Host: Phyre Arts & Entertainment / Essence of Style
Location: Jin Lounge Street: 2017 14th Street NW City/Town: Washington, DC
This is a no pay gig

Event: NOVA Fashion Week Runway Show @ U St
Date of Event: October 16, 2008 at 7pm
NOVA Fashion Week and DEKKA are looking for 20 top knotch Female models and 10 Male models to participate in their street fashion show on U St October 16, 2008 at 7pm. This will be a televised event. All standard size models submit the following to no later than 10 Oct 2008: 1 head shot, 1 full body, shot runway experience and Contact info

Date: Monday October 20th, 2008
Time: 10:00AM - 3:00pm
Location: Hard Rock Cafe 999 East Street NW Washington DC, 20004
For more information go to
XContact Info:

Katie Holmes' Style

Yeah, I'll admit it....I secretly like Katie Holmes' style. There I said it! I've been a Katie closet fan for a minute. Her style has definitely evolved. From teeny bob TV star to multi million dollar movie star wife. You figure she has the fashion world at her fingertips, her best friend's name is Posh, it would be pretty easy to quickly adopt some style. That's exactly what she did- her name is Jeanne Yang, stylist to the stars. If her new found sense of style is souly based on this relationship, or a combination of things (having a baby, being BFFs with a style icon, or just having oodles of money at her fingertips) we don't know. But she's jumping on the celebrities designing ban wagon and teamed up with Yang to create a line, Holmes Yang. Holmes debuted the first piece from their line at the Tropic Thunder movie premiere (above top). It was rumored she was going to debut the full line at fashion week, but it didn't happened. See two slide shows of her new style here and here. Those infamous 'boyfriend' jeans she's been seen in (above, last)are Prp jeans. Yang confirmed that they are actually Cruise's Prps Jeans. Wondering why she's been rolling them up? She's 5'9" and Cruise is 5'7" could be it. Love or hate the look, she's making waves in the fashion world: "Prps has adapted the style for women in the new fall collection as the Boyfriend jean," Kim Dillard, a rep for Prps Jeans said. So apparently I'm not the only one watching her style.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Runway Update #4

= Me @ The Runway Show
Today is the beginning of full rehearsals with every one's mandatory attendance. With six practices left, and a dress rehearsal we're getting down to it. The second show is already sold out, so the anticipation is growing. Today, all of the girls had our hair consultations. We will all have brightly colored hair, some girls will get extensions, some will get wigs, it's going to be hot. I will have a "trapeze" bun with orange bangs. Kind of a mix of the two pictures. I googled 'orange hair' thinking it would be hard to find a picture of, and came across this website with a shit ton of people with orange hair, crazy. Orange bangs and a trapeze bun. I guess is going to be like the top picture. Messy buns are pretty hot right now on the runway, seen in Lanvin, Bottega Veneta and Versace shows. I have pretty long hair, but it's going to be a fake bun and fake orange hair sewn into mine. Can't wait to see it, stay tuned to see the results!

Weekend Update

Had a pretty good weekend. Friday went with Chris to his audition for The Next Food Network Star on the Food Network. No joke, we were there for 4 hours. There were around 200 people there. Long story short, Chris was one of 12 people selected for call backs on Sunday. Saturday we got free VIP tickets to a festival (DC Jam Session). So we ate free food, drank free beer and Monsters and listened to some fat beats all afternoon. Actually the best DJ there, DJ Lil' Fos, will be spinning beats at a Halloween party at Claredone Ballroom. Anyways, got HBO on Saturday and accidental feel in love with it. So watched that ALL night. Ops. Then Sunday went with Chris to his call back. He had a 45 min interview on camera. He had to show a cooking technique (he cut up a pineapple) and had to show a dish he cooked (chicken, broccoli, creamy pasta dish) but those tools didn't even taste it! Anyways he'll hear back in November after they go to all the cities if he's made it to the finals in New York. So all in all pretty good weekend.

Joke Of The Day

Hot New Concept Cars

At the Paris Motor Show, held every other autumn at the Paris Expo Porte de Versailles some hot new cars where debuted. My two favorites were, 2009 Lamborghini Estoque Concept (first two pictures) and the RC HYmotion4 . The Estoque has a 560-horsepower V10 engine and full-time all-wheel drive. The Estoque adds a feature never before found on a Lamborghini — rear doors. All four seats are trimmed in Nappa leather and feature multiple electronic adjustments. The trunk is also pretty big, for a Lambo. It may be four doors, but it's still sexy. My other new car is the Peugeot RC HYmotion4. ‘4’ as in four doors, four seats and four-wheel drive, ‘HY’ as in hybrid. It has a 1.6-liter gasoline engine transversely mounted behind the cockpit and a 70 kW electric motor under the hood, with a total of 313 horsepower in gasoline-plus-electric mode. Not quite a Lambo, but it's still hot. It has a carbon fiber composite skin over an aluminum spaceframe shell making it pretty damn light. Well the show goes on until the 19th, so just hop on a plain and go check it out. Or visit the official website here. Whichever, check out some hot new cars.