Friday, December 18, 2009

Derelict Peregrination Leg 1: Drive From Mobile, AL to Ponca City, OK

*you can click on each pick if you want to see it bigger*

Well I started off this endeavor with some freaking awesome wannabe MC Hammer teal sweats I picked up at a thrift store for $1.25 in Mobile, thinking I would need some comfy riding pants. Come to find out my mom thinks they are the most heinous things she's ever seen. More fuel to the fire, and I think I'll wear them until they disintegrate. Proper start to a road trip.
First stop was Vicksburg, MI. This bridge was the only landmark on the whole trip I wanted a picture of. I found it immensely aesthetically pleasing.
We partied at the Ameristar casino, were Dana, our shit waitress, after heavy tipping, and 8 drinks, still couldn't get my step dad and I crunk. Fail. But the bridge looks pretty in the background!
Me with a Sparks in a plastic cup (keeping it road ready, and classy. Well played! :) in front of the casino.
Second day we headed to North Little Rock, Arkansas. This is a shot of the downtown. I slept most of this day and most of the evening we were there. Dramamine kills me! I get really car sick, so I take Dramamine, which handles the car sickness, but knocks me out. Fail.
How I rode 800 miles. Shotgun with my mom's little dog, sweats and a sweatshirt. Again, keeping it classy.
The dog's shotgun position.
The last day of the trip we drove through Tulsa, OK. Gorgeous town, AND they had awesome radio stations. I really loves it!!
Went to Okie's in Musckogee for the best meal of the trip, and $6.95 Big Gulp sized Long Islands!! (see below)
See Katelin drink.
See Katelin act silly. ... Standard story.
We got some silly pics of signs along the way too!
Like this jewel. Though not sure who wants to do business with one of those...
Hate to run into him in a dark alley.
I wonder if you can get some crack there.
Easy things to forget.

And finally, today we arrived at Ponca City! Below is me right outside my Mom and step dad's new place enjoying an ice cold Sparks and the beautiful view. Part one, road trip section= a success!!

Peregrination Poem

Road Trip
Trying to find some answers
Making some life transfers
Making some moves
Trying to find some truths
Rearrange my life
With as little strife,
As possible.
See what's possible
And make shit happen
Get shit started
Get retarded

Fat Beats From The Dirty South

Who doesn't love Luda? He spits some lines on Raheem DeVaughn's 'Bullet Proof'

Some real southern shit produced by my fav, Kayne West

"Couple shots of Patron, I'll break you off of some of this" Might be my new theme song.

Quotes From The Dirty Dirty (South)

"I don't know if you know this, but I'm a pretty big deal down here."
-line dropped on me in a bar in Mobile, AL

"My dad married my mother in law, now I'm married to my step brother"
-info dropped on me @ a craft fair in Mobile

"So I walked in on my 15 year old son taking a shower with his girlfriend... Now she has his baby and they live in our trailor beside our shop."
-TMI from a beautician while my mom got her hair cut in Dauphin Island, AL

"Yeah, I love Sparks!! I drank 3 1/2 one time, cleaned the whole house and got drunk. Good choice!!!"
-Pat on the back from the teller when I bought 4 cases of Sparks in Dauphin Island

Cute 15 year old boy: "Need some help" Me: "Yeah. But what I need help with, you're not old enough for."
-My attempt at staying out of jail in Mobile

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

My New Favorite YouTube Video "Korean History Channel"

Special thanks to my brother for sending this to me. I think I've watched it 300 times already.

My New Favorite Blog

Some of you may know I have a list to the right of my favorite blogs. It's a tough cut to make but I've just added one more blog, rounding it out to a nice four of the funniest and/or best of the best. The newest member of my VIP list is Matthew Gibson who is almost like a funnier, cleaner version of me. And obviously takes a better picture. So be sure to follow this fellow blogger at

Friday, December 11, 2009


Thursday, December 10, 2009

Mobile, AL...Sorta Like Las Vegas

My fucking ass, getting my blog on. This is what I look like... blogging on the reg.
*This pic is a few months old ie brown hair, but you get the idea: whiskey, hoodie, laptop
Here in Mobile, AL we have so much time on our hands, Mom and I have been getting our paint on. Last night's craft project was making Christmas cards. This was mine: A Christmas cock holding a COCKtail.
Duh, what else would a Santa hat wearing penis be holding?? The only question is now, who to send it to...
Wow, only in Mobile will you have to pull over to let the Grinch and his train of shenanigans pass. Priceless.
The Grinch up close. Um...yeah.
One night we went on a Christmas light hunt. We penciled that in between watching the Ellen show, and our daying trip to the RV Office. Anyways, the below house won the 'Lights on a house award'
The view from Mom's 5th wheel here at trailor park. Excuse me, Mom's corrects me, here at the 'RV Resort' :)
The winner of the RV 'Best of Christmas lights' Pretty impressive with the strand of lights and mini tree. Well played.
Got this in the mail today. Someone must like me
Not many pictures, but as happening as Mobile, AL is.... It's sorta like going out five nights a week in Vegas...oh wait...No, but really it's fun getting to spend some quality time with my mom, and getting some insight on the Southern culture that I would never got the oppurtunity to experience. We're still not sure when we're taking this show to my hometown Portland Oregon, where our family is for Christmas, but until then, we are taking it easy in Mobile, Alabama. But who knows what adventures the weekend hold...

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Sweet Ass Racing Video

You may remember from the Ride And Drive Event I did a few weeks ago Dynamic Autosports (who also have an awesome blog here). I came across this epic video they did that is so badass it's almost sexual. Ok, maybe not for you, but it's a sick ass team, racing sick ass cars. Check it out!

Tweet Of The Week

(@ me) I don't think Vegas was ready for us.

-2:17am Nov 15th By CarpeJoseph

Pics Of Random Shit

Due to my iPhone 3g recently being stolen/me losing it, and the sheer volume of free time on my hands here in Mobile, AL, in conjunction with my insomnia... I have recovered some of the following pics. Some are repeats from earlier posts, if there is a link above the pic, feel free to click on it to check out the correlated blog post. That being said, and without further introduction, a bunch of non-related, random pics. Enjoy! :D

Obviously, I take modeling really serious. Almost. (behind the scenes at the Little Black Dress photo shoot in New York)
Me at age 6ish at a dance performance doing what I do best.
"Yes." Bo in an epic thrift store ensemble syled by me, keeping it classing in his $5 outfit drinking Natural Light. Miss you Bo!!
Pretty much sheer sexiness. Me at The Booshie Ball acting booshie, wearing Booshie,with what looks like the man of my dreams, because yes, he's pounding a Sparks beer. Xoxoox The Booshie Ball was SOO much fun!
Me with Booshie designer herself Ginger. Miss you!!
My favs from Vegas I miss most! Left to right: Dan, Dave, Meg, Mike, Jason, Adam, Lois and Paul
xoxoxo Love you all!!
From a DC photo shoot with Bo, during the Cherry Blossom Festival (note the Washington Monument is in the background :)
Me and one of my bestest friends from DC and photog Dr. Danny (backstage at the Artomatic runway show)
My brother and I on the balcony in my loft in Miami. Gooood times.
My drink(s) of choice: double Jameson on the rocks and shitty beer. xoxoxo to who bought this for me.

So hope that shit array of random pics wasn't too painful. But watch out, I'm saving my pennies for my dream phone, the 3gs. Once I get that baby, I'm going to fuck your world up with tons of new pics, AND video :D cannnnn't waiiiiit!!! And, stay posted for more from the happening Mobile, AL and the adventures to Oregon later this month. xoxo to all my friends and family I miss and love you all.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

My Going Away Party @ JET

Video I took in the club. Just watch the first 25 sec of it. The rest is me leaving the camera on like a tool. Meh.

Barry and I. Party on the reg.
Roomates, Lois and Ben
Me and my girl Lois xoxox
Me and awesome Vegas DJ, DJ Silence
Adam, get the fuck out of the way :)
Me and best DJ on the west coast, DJ Alpyne
International sign of save me.
Uh-Oh, you know it's on when Patron shots start happening. Pretty sure Adam puked his brains out shortly after awesome.
(you can click on the pictures to see them bigger, and you can check out Adam's blog to see tons more pics too :)

Honestly, one of my favorite nights in Vegas!! Thank god there were no pictures taken after the Patron shots... would have been bad. After the B team all pussed out and left JET at about 2am, Barry, new roomate Jon, and I, began the real adventure. I'm pretty sure it entailed many more drinks, the club Rockhouse, me dancing in a cage, the casino O Sheas, $100s in blackjack, and at one point Barry telling a guy he would swap me for the guys girlfriend. Awesome. Finally ended at 10am with breakfast in my sweatpants with roomate Mike. Epic parting, and complete awesomeness. Fuck I'm going to miss Vegas.

Monday, November 30, 2009

Where In The World I've Lived

Bye For Now Vegas

VIVA! Me in front of the Vegas sign
Me and the party on the reg crew: Paul, Me, Barry, Van Wildest, Bre
First day I met Adam
At Stoney's
At Foundation Room
Getting owned daily in The Game Of Life by Adam
In two months, I only got one person in The Game Of Life
Me and fav Paul
My dearest Barry
My luv Lois
Sushi on the reg team and longest friends in Vegas Lois and Adam

Well, it's been a good two month run in Vegas, but tomorrow I fly out to my hometown Portland, Oregon :( I'm going back for the holidays, and not sure were I'll be in the new year, so I thought I would make a best of Vegas post with all my favorite people in Vegas :) I am so thankful my best friend in Vegas Adam Van Wildest had a room open and let me move in. Through the house I've met so many great people and had scads of fun parting with them on the reg!! Extra love goes out to my VIPs Barry, Lois, and Paul, I will miss you all immensely, and hope to see you soon!! Stay posted for my going away party picks from tonight JET and my welcome home party this Thursday in Oregon. xoxox