Monday, November 30, 2009

Where In The World I've Lived

Bye For Now Vegas

VIVA! Me in front of the Vegas sign
Me and the party on the reg crew: Paul, Me, Barry, Van Wildest, Bre
First day I met Adam
At Stoney's
At Foundation Room
Getting owned daily in The Game Of Life by Adam
In two months, I only got one person in The Game Of Life
Me and fav Paul
My dearest Barry
My luv Lois
Sushi on the reg team and longest friends in Vegas Lois and Adam

Well, it's been a good two month run in Vegas, but tomorrow I fly out to my hometown Portland, Oregon :( I'm going back for the holidays, and not sure were I'll be in the new year, so I thought I would make a best of Vegas post with all my favorite people in Vegas :) I am so thankful my best friend in Vegas Adam Van Wildest had a room open and let me move in. Through the house I've met so many great people and had scads of fun parting with them on the reg!! Extra love goes out to my VIPs Barry, Lois, and Paul, I will miss you all immensely, and hope to see you soon!! Stay posted for my going away party picks from tonight JET and my welcome home party this Thursday in Oregon. xoxox

My Favorite Song To Hear In The Clubs In Vegas

Friday, November 27, 2009

Thanksgiving In Vegas

I even got my first person in The Game Of Life

My first Thanksgiving without family, but we did it up big and took our house full of people to another huge seven bedroom house full of people. A proper Vegas vagabond Thanksgiving. But we did it up classy in true Vegas fashion and ate our meal on a poker table. Yes we did. After, we played all kinds of games, but not quite the usual family pictionary or trailer park board games, no, adult drunken fun games. And there's video below to prove it.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Roomate's Going Away Party At Foundation Room With Epic DJ Alpyne

Me and Scottish roomate Barry
Sooo awesome, we saw this fireplace and had to take a corny pic with it!!
Not sure if we look like a lame couple or brother and sister.
Me on my phone laughing at The Van Wildest.
Texting? No way!!
Oh shit, it's a pic with me and my phone LOL!!
Me and the epic DJ Alpyne and Van Wildest Himself!
Me and the roomate that moved out Dan
Me and the man. The $100 was for me for last night.
Me and my love and fellow roomie Lois
Blame it on the a-a-a-alcohol ;)
Of course Adam got me in the Game Of Life.
Ended the night @ Blueberry Hill, breakfast at 4am on the reg.

It was Dan (fellow roommate's) last night in Vegas, so we went to Mandalay Bay's gorgeous Foundation Room for his going away party. Check out Adam's blog for tons more pics too! It's a lovely, cozy lounge and we had a great time drinking bottles, and parting to the fat beats of the best DJ in Vegas, and probably earth, DJ Alpyne. Who is also a fellow Oregonian! I am begging him to play in Portland next week when I moved back on the 1st, so stay posted for that!! Anywho, super fun night out with the roomies, going to miss Vegas... but there's still 7 days left, the party isn't over yet ;)

Monday, November 23, 2009

LA For The Weekend For The Mini Ride And Drive Event

Just some of the sick swag I got! Above, a rare Travis Pastrana DC hooodie, and below a Rob Dyrdek's brand Rogue Status tee. Love it!!
Inside Eddie's company Dynamic Autosports The warehouse at Dynamic
Some of the cars at Dynamic Dez's race car, yes I got to ride in it!! : D
Proferssional pic of Dez's car. SO much fun to ride in!!

Dez's sick racing helmet on display at Dynamic

Future race cars
The two stickers I need, from each of Eddie's companies
The Mini Ride and Drive Event @ the Home Depo Center I went to work at
Some of the mini's on display
Dez and I in the JCW (check my hoodie :)
The JCW Dez drove me in, AND I got to drive

Ride along with Dez in a mini!!

The man himself Mr. Eddie Kim hard at work as always.
Me 'hard' at work ;)
Tons of people showed up for the event, who wouldn't want to drive a race car on a pro made race track?!
While I was in the O.C. I got to go to the infamous Roscoe's for chicken and biscuits-it was bomb, duh.
Dez and his roomate Travis took me to watch the UFC fight on Main St in Hunnington Beach
Awesome bar, and great fight!
After we broke down the event, the whole racing family went out to a wonderful meal
Dez and his Snuggie. Legit, it was a real Snuggie.
Trav sleeping. Why are boys sleeping so cute?!

I met Eddie and Dez a couple weeks ago when they were out in Vegas for a car show. Eddie asked me to come out this weekend to help with the Mini event, I had so much fun with them in Vegas, I of course said yes! But it wasn't until I was writting this blog post that i realized how prolific Eddie and the shit she's involved with are. Like read this blurb:
"The shop (Dynamic) has since grown into one of the largest distributing and tuning facilities in the country. The list of former Dynamic employees, cohorts, accomplices, and all-around lackeys reads like a virtual who's who of today's industry leaders. Peep the list: Cosworth's Eric Hsu; A'PEXi USA founder, Toshi Hayama; DSport magazine's Michael Ferrara and Robert Choo; Import Tuner magazine's founder, Ed Eng; Prelude guru, Aries Dionisio; Omni Power's Steve "Omni" Rothenbuehler; Design Craft Fab's Gary Castillo; Sakata Motorsports' Naoto Negishi; and, of course, at least one guy from Honda Tuning mag-the list goes on. Dynamic has been busy tuning some of the top racing teams' vehicles, conducting testing for magazine geeks, and even hosting a big-wig industry executive every now and then for the day. And after 17 years, there's no sign of any of that stopping. You might say that Dynamic is the tuning world's crystal ball. Want a glimpse as to what record might be broken next or who tomorrow's movers and shakers might be? Just look inside the shop." -Honda Tuning Magazine

What an honor to be hanging with people doing such big things! You can also check out their blog Gruppe S Engineering. Stay posted, because this isn't the last with Eddie and Dynamic Autosports!! :)