Friday, August 28, 2009

Sunriver Photo Shoot With Lindsay

Location #1. Yeah, I made that dress.
Road to Mt. Bachelor
Second location upstream view
Downstream view
My mom's artistic shot ;)
Big bottom tree hugger
The location is sorta like inside at a DC studio...wait
If you've shot with me, you know I try to go balls deep. I saw this stump and said, how about I climb up on that shit?! Lindsay said-Do it! :)
Yeah, I'm stumped. The crazy sky reminds me of Carey Hess' shit.
Balls deep part 2. "How about I jump off this shit a couple times"
Look #3. 'Yeah I'm in Oregon. I'm kinda cowboy.'
The photographer Lindsay and I
The glamorous life of modeling. Changing and makeup in the backseat :)

So besides sunbathing, playing tennis, and shopping there isn't a lot to do in Sunriver :) My mom is going back to Alabama next week, and I thought it would be fun for my mom and Grandpa to see what I do. So luck have it, I searched Model Mayhem and found a photographer in Sunriver! He was kind enough to set up a shoot in short notice, and we were able to shoot today! Lindsay lives out here and knew of some beautiful local locations that he thought would diversify my portfolio. He was super easy to work with and gave great articulate direction but left room for improvisation. Something unique about his shooting style was early into the shoot he asked me what I though my best feature and my least favorite feature was. That way if say I didn't like my left side, he wouldn't send me a shit ton of my left side shots, etc. I thought that was really thoughtful. We shot essentially three looks, two locations. The biggest challenge was wardrobe. I hadn't planned on doing a photo shoot, so I didn't really bring the most fashionable clothes, but I hope he was pleased with the shit I threw together, it was fun to shoot again! :) Special thank you to Joanie, my mom, for all of the wonderful pics!

Monday, August 24, 2009

Even More Random Pics From Oregon

Drinks @ Sunriver Lodge with my brother, and his bestfriend Tyler
First baby I've ever held!! Me holding my cousin Katie's son. (Dress made by me :)
I'm so 12 years old.
If you know me, you would know I've never said this. These are cute flats.
My favorite chocolates on earth- See's!!
Thank you Oregon.
My favorite store in Oregon, The Red Light!
My really good friends from high school Desa and Paul
I love finding products I adore in other people's bathrooms. Like this L'Oreal tubing mascara, can't live without it!!
And found this Chi flat iorn spray I can't live without in Kelsey's bathroom!

Viva Oregon! Do you love the new brown hair?! :) Stay posted for reviews on my fav restaurants, nightclubs and more pics from Sunriver! xoxox

Sunday, August 16, 2009

More Pics From Oregon

Back Seat Bumpers
Rosa Parks always sitting in the back, we ended up Bumping pics all night!


Can't wait to see Mr. Statue!! Kelsey Bumped this pic to me, never before seen snapshot of Mr. Statue gettong ready!
My favorite hair product and I found it in someone else's bathroom!

Friday, August 14, 2009

Oregon Pics!!

Having some bourban and a macaroon with Grandpa and his girlfriend
Oh-lay! One of the things I love about Oregon is that Mexican food is soo easy to get! Yum!
My attempt at cooking.
My kind of cooking
My brother and I keeping it real in Target with my mom and Aunt.
Me and my brother's girlfriend watching his baseball game. No there's not any vodka in our vitamin water...
(you can click on the picture to see it bigger)

G-Pa! xoxoxo
Favorite cousin and her son
These are some random pics thus far. Stay tuned for an extensive Oregon night life review of some of the 'hottest' night clubs around, a review of the best Portland iphone apps and other, probably terrible, and random pics :) Cheers!

My New Hair Color!! (Pics by Bo Zhang)

So as you may know, if you follow me on Twitter, that I dyed my hair!! I went to PR @ Partners Metro Center and asked Jackie, that I worked with on the Betsey Johnson runway show to dye my hair any color she wanted. Above is the vibrant color she chose. Last minute I wanted some pics before I left to Oregon and begged Bo Himself (plus I wanted to hang out one more time :) he kindly obliged and the outcome are the AWESOME pics above. It was really last minute, and just a quick shoot, so I did the hair and make up. Brought along my heels I got in New York, and cute little H & M dress I got up there. The white background is perfect for making my new hair color pop, and that bottom shot... sexy. Xoxox Bo thank you so much for pulling through so last minute!!

Saturday, August 8, 2009

On My Way To Oregon!

I get in tonight around 9pm, just in time to party with my brother Saturday night Portland style :) But before I left DC, I had to get Five Guys @ the airport, best note to leave DC on! Yummmyyy :)

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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Got A Crack Problem?

Come on people. I love the low rise jeans too, but crack kills. Cover it up.

Cat Jokes

Whatever, you know these are funny.

When one of your BF's a photographer...(Part II)

Visceral Photography, aka one of my best friends, e-mailed this little gem he took from the Sebastian event we did together back in June. I loved having a mohawk, I loved the eye shadow in this shot, and lighting is gorgeous. Plus I think this pose is bossy... :)

Modeling side note: I am looking directly into a flash that is being blasted away in my eyes. Not the most ideal, but the outcome is on point. And being the tool I am, many times I forget to shave one, or both armpits, and I'm always nervous at photo shoots that the photographer is going to be mad at me, so I don't always take risks like this pose... meh

Monday, August 3, 2009

Funniest YouTube Video Ever Made About DC

If you live in DC, or any suburbia, you know this is funny. "Or the Starbucks, or the Starbucks, or the Starbucks..."Special thank you to Ali for this gem!

My Weekend Recap

My favorite place to get breakfast in DC, Heller's Bakery
Perhaps the look you give when someone is wearing the same outfit as you..
City Sports in all her glory.
If you didn't know, Ali's a pimp. That's her macking SIX guys. Get it.
If I had to write a book about staying at Ali's, it would be called "Our Life On The Porch. Getting Nothing Done."

Ali has been kind enough to let me stay at her house in the DC neighborhood, Mt. Pleasant, where she lives with six other people. It has been so much fun to be around so many people, and things are always an adventure with Ali (I mean, it always has been, we've been best friends for 10 years!!) Well, the above pics were the best of the weekend. (From top) Heller's Bakery two blocks from Ali's, you can't go wrong here from there epic breakfast sandwiches to amazing doughnuts, it's a must visit DC neighborhood hot spot. But be fair warned, on a Saturday morning, the line can be out the door, but it's worth the wait!
Next up, City Sports. Second picture down giving Ali the stink eye, and third down with her name sake shirt on, in full glory. This girl, were to begin... A must have at any get together. The first time I met City Sports was at one of Ali's famous house parties, I didn't know anyone or their names, but when I saw this girl emerge from the depths of the fog machine rocking out without a care, I asked Ali- "Who the fuck is 'City Sports'?!" Thus, the nickname and friendship began. This girl is a riot, she did bring five outfits to Ali's Friday night, one of which happened to be exactly what Ali was wearing. Awesome. But as the night progressed, and a few blueberry vodkas in, City Sports was at full force, and, lucky I was able to snap a picture and hopefully capture some of the magic: thigh high socks, City Sports shirt, and Guitar Hero guitar in hand. Oohh the reasons I love this girl... Like I said, never a dull night at Ali's.
As seen from the bottom two pictures, Ali's house has a great porch, and if you know about DC, it's all about the row houses. As you can see in the pictures, when on a DC porch, you can see all the way down the block, it's a beautiful thing, and on a hot summer night, the place to be. So again, a special thank you to Ali and her house full of characters for sharing their home with me, always an adventure! :)