Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Best Video Ever Made About The Portland Club Scene

May 2010: Life & Things I'm into

I don't know... I'm on the pursuit of happiness. This blog was initially started as a journal and I'm exemplifying that in this post. This is the soundtrack to my life.....

Above: Me in all my shit show glory @ Party Rawk event at Qube (Thursdays weekly) . Dress is vintage Fredrick's of Hollywood

Some people like to write on their hand. I do.
Found these tattoos at my favorite store in Portland, Compound.
So we wore them out Saturday @ Aura. I have no idea what that says....
Things I'm into: Hi-Chew and temporary tattoos.
Learn about it. (Things you can also buy at Compound)
Things I'm into: Voo-Doo Doughnuts, and Scrabble.
Things I'm into...
Things I'm into: Sushi.
Ha! This guy barfed his guts out all night behind the Dj booth after this meal, but finished his set. Gangster.
Things I'm into:
Some of my favorite shirts I saw around Portland:

coming soon
Midget wrestlers come in.
Standard day at work.
I looovvveee to spray tan.
Me and my girl Tash keeping it real at work sporting shades and a spray tan.

My life on the pursuit of The American Dream......

Friday, May 14, 2010

A Week Out In Portland

Work during the day, raging the hottest clubs in town at night. Special thanks to Robert John at Dirty Nightclub, Tim Batchelor of Batch Foto, Joey of PTL nightlife, Josh of Napkin Nights, and Helen for taking all the amazing pics. xoxox
(Ps you can click on a pic to see it full size :)

Bar XV For Cinco Di Mayo

My favorite party of the week is Wednesday nights at Bar XV IN Night Life hosts and Dj Tj usualy spins

Since I just got back from New York, while there I bought Tash and I matching shirts.

Of course we weren't drinking those bottles. They were just props.

My fav pic of the weekend. Says it all!
(Me, Tash, Kevin, Tj, and Helen)

Ha! I love the crazy look in Helen's eyes!!!

Tash and I. My mullet looks awwweesome.

Friday Night @ Urban Studio For The Casino Royale Party

(Special thank you to Josh, and Amir for getting us in)

Tash and I tried to dress in theme...

Then Dirty Nightclub

Had to get casual and take the tie off

Had to say hi to Portland's best rapper, and IN's Dr Mayo

Saturday Night At Aura Dj Tj Spinning
(special thank you to Andy and John Kim for getting us in)

My favorite pic!!!
Also shows another of silly Helen's faces :)
and duh I'm dancing to Tj spinning Drake's Pursuit of Happiness

Tim took this cute pic of Dirty's Photographer, Robert John.
Then Bar XV

Had to stop in to hear Dj Wicked. Who we went to see the night before at Goodfoot.

Then to Dirty Nightclub

Had to hear the epic Jimmy Z spin in the techno room

Seamless Sundays @ Stars Bridgeport

After a week of parting like Tash and I do, we decided to take it casual. Plus we're gangster so we wear sweats to the club. obviously.

Sundays are always a blast here, Tj spinning techno, and hanging out with The Ninjas :)

So, a proper recap of my favorite and the hottest clubs in Portland. For only being here five months, I am so thankful to all the friends I've made here.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Future iPhone Will Be Solar Powered. Until Then, Solar Panel Purses And DIY Chargers

If you know me, you know I looovveee my iPhone. But my biggest problem with it, is the battery life. All 12 minutes of it. So today, when my phone has been of all day due to lack of battery, I was thinking- Damn if the iPhone had solar panels, it would be charging itself right now!! So I did some research, and duh, Apple has thought of that. According to The New York Times, Apple has filed a patent for a technology which would enable a layer of solar cells to be inserted under a touch-sensitive screen like in the iPhone. Awesome. Until then, I found this website that for under $50 you can build your own:

Another idea, I was thinking was a solar panel purse. After some research, I couldn't find that many. Mostly just talk about the below one, designed by a guy. Guess I figured a chick would have thought of it... (Interesting NY Times article about it here.)
The only ones I really found were at Noon Solar. The below is my favorite, but at $300, kinda pricey....

Even a cute man purse! :D
Then again, I found this totally awesome idea just in time for summer.....
(I wonder if she's carring an iPhone)

Until this solar power iPhone is out, I ordered this charger/protective case for about $30 that is suppose to double the charge of your phone.... Which will be awesome.