Tuesday, May 25, 2010

May 2010: Life & Things I'm into

I don't know... I'm on the pursuit of happiness. This blog was initially started as a journal and I'm exemplifying that in this post. This is the soundtrack to my life.....

Above: Me in all my shit show glory @ Party Rawk event at Qube (Thursdays weekly) . Dress is vintage Fredrick's of Hollywood

Some people like to write on their hand. I do.
Found these tattoos at my favorite store in Portland, Compound.
So we wore them out Saturday @ Aura. I have no idea what that says....
Things I'm into: Hi-Chew and temporary tattoos.
Learn about it. (Things you can also buy at Compound)
Things I'm into: Voo-Doo Doughnuts, and Scrabble.
Things I'm into...
Things I'm into: Sushi.
Ha! This guy barfed his guts out all night behind the Dj booth after this meal, but finished his set. Gangster.
Things I'm into:
Some of my favorite shirts I saw around Portland:

coming soon
Midget wrestlers come in.
Standard day at work.
I looovvveee to spray tan.
Me and my girl Tash keeping it real at work sporting shades and a spray tan.

My life on the pursuit of The American Dream......

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Caleb said...

"I'm OK" -

Great Tshirt!

And what is Hi-Chew?

Are you really cooking Spam?

Just saying hi! Stay thirsty.