Friday, July 31, 2009

When one of your BF's a photographer...

Mr. Bo Zhang himself e-mailed me these little gems the other day! They were all taken at my house party a couple months ago. The top two were snapped at the metro while we were waiting to pick someone up. The bottom two he totally snuck on me, but they are so real and sincere, I love them all! The top one is one of my favorite pics of myself of all time, no make up but mascara, in a shirt I made, and me just being me...I am so thankful for my friends!

Song Of The Week

Courtesy of my brother, this weeks featured song is a doosie, sit back and enjoy!

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Best Events Going On In DC This Weekend!


Come out tonight and get your cheerleader on! Celebrate with the launch of the 2009/2010 Redskins-cheerleader calendar at Public Bar. Cheerleaders will participate in a fashion show, and there’ll be drink specials. $10 gets you in, and another ten bucks will get you a calendar. Maybe they can sign it with their ass for you. Meh, worth an ask.

If cheerleaders aren't your thing, maybe zombies are. Go out and get your zombie on at Black Cat with AHHHHH, Zombies! in the Red Room. Enjoy zombie drink specials (human blood?) and free zombie movies, hopefully like the gem above, starting at 8 PM tonight.


Looking for something free to do? The Freer Gallery will screen All About Women Friday at 7 and Sunday at 2. The movie, part of the gallery’s Made in Hong Kong Film Festival, chronicles three modern women chasing love. Free tickets, which are distributed two hours before the show or reserved in advance online (for a small fee), are required.

Enjoy a laid-back Friday evening in the National Gallery of Art Sculpture Garden with Dixie Power Trio, a Fredericksburg jazz group. The free concert starts at 5 PM.


For you tennis junkies (is there such a thing?!) watch some high-quality tennis when the Legg Mason Tennis Classic kicks off Saturday. Ten bucks gets you into the first qualifying round.

Saturday night the Black Cat is holding a benefit concert with Run For Cover. Lucky for you, helping out is easy with a great lineup of local bands playing covers of some of their favorite artists. The show starts at 9 and costs $10.

Pick up some cool stuff at DC9’s Binge and Purge rummage sale Saturday starting at 2. Stay for one of Washington’s best dance nights, called Kids. Entry is free before 10, with free forties. Yeah, you read that correctly. They run this shit classy. Cover is $6 after 10.

For those of you a little more fashionable, check out Trios at the Community Life Center located at 825 Yale Avenue Baltimore, Maryland 21229. Doors open at 5:30pm/Show starts at 6:30pm. Tickets available online at

And don't forget Saturday's at the Corcoran is FREE, and the Eggleston exhibit is ahhhmazing!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Bo's Photos From The Shoot @ My House

What can I say... Feel free to check out my early recap on this shoot here, and Bo's recap on his blog (part 1, and part 2). I love them and hope you do too! :)

New York With Dr. Joe

Isn't it crazy how small the world is? Dr. Joe (left) and I ran in to his sister, who lives in Europe, in Midtown Manhattan, completely by chance. I love it!
While I was visiting Dr. Joe sold one of the below photos (for the low price of $10k).
Don't worry, even Susan Sarandon owns one.
Oh the reasons I love New York... One, the awesome signs:
Why yes I would love a vodka slice!
Who doesn't love a good tossed salad? Thank you 34th st!
Other reasons I love NY.... SHOES!!
The above heels + cobblestone = death wish

I'm pretty confident the above pictures summarizes my trip quite eloquently. Dr. Joe (see more of his fine art conservation photography, and read all about the wonderful, charitable things he does here) was by boss in Miami, and was up at his condo in the city for the week. Therefore, what better excuse to go up to NY?! And what better host?! He walked me around Central Park, Rockefeller Center, Grand Central Station, we went to art galleries in SOHO, and he took me to some of the best restaurants in New York! Everything a tourist should see. And of course being in SOHO, I had to get some shoes! You would have thought the above cobblestone that covers SOHO would have been a deterrent to buying heels, but when Dr. Joe and I walked by the Steve Madden window display, we both stopped in awe. I ended up getting the Alicce and the electric blue Kerrin. Good choices I would say, and the only souvenirs I ended up with. I'm ok with that :) All and all, a complete blast and a success of a trip!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Christian Siriano Designs Heels For Payless

Christian Siriano for Payless. Photo: Imaxtree courtesy New York Magazine article

I've been waiting since last December when Project Runway 4 winner Christian Siriano first announced plans to debut an accessories line for Payless at Fashion Week. Well, the time is upon us, coming next month the designer will premier his line of Egyptian-inspired footwear (and some bags) that range from $24 to $45.

Siriano said:

“I’m so excited to design and create with such an amazing brand that is all about fashion and trend, but most importantly, is also about affordability. I can’t wait to see how Payless will take the high-end shoes and bags I’m designing for the runway and turn them into pieces that everyone can buy. I’m all about the runway and the sidewalks!”

Though I have to say, I am a little nervous about what he said when asked how the above runway version will be different from the shoes sold in stores. Payless better not old lady them up!! We all know how much I love my 7 inch heels...

The Payless shoes are definitely modified to make them more wearable, but they are very similar. I designed the runway shoes with Payless, so don’t think that the retail shoes will be inferior in any way. The Payless customer wants an everyday shoe, not something they can wear just once. You can see that the retail shoes are dramatic enough with the color and the details. They don’t need to be 7 inches high for drama. They have enough drama on their own."

None the less, I can't wait! :)

PHOTO SHOOT RECAP: Bo Zhang and The Crew @ My House

Already a pic!!

Maddy doing the damn thing in her first outfit
My first outfit, with lightning bolt Warren in the background
The polaroid from my house party that inspired it all. (Just wait until you see the pics we did like this!)
Start to finish, Warren makes a piece of art out of anyone! (Me wearing a custom made Booshie tee)
Artist at work
Artist at work.
xoxox Warren
Ms. Booshie herself, Ginger and I
Warren the McGiver's secrets reveled, A TEA BOX!
The culprit. Who knew a tea box could be so fierce?!

They say when you love what you do, you'll never work a day, and last night's photo shoot exemplified that. Great people and a great time!
Where to begin... the whole 'family' was there, Bo Himself, his assistant Joey( he also helped Bo in the jungle shoot), Ginger (Booshie Design), the artist formally known at WarrenBe, and newbies but goodies: stylist and new found neighbor, Natasha and model/new friend, Maddy. What a great, and talented group of people to work with- A true honor!
Warren (who's b-day is tomorrow!!) did both Maddy and I's hair, and make up, so he was busy making us into pieces of art, while Ginger and Natasha were a great team coordinating complete and cohesive looks in my guest bedroom. This shoot elucidates how attention to detail takes good to great. Each person, a master in their craft, put the time and thought into this shoot, and I really think it will show in the pics! Well, the first set we did was a two girl shoot with Maddy and I and the above chair from the polaroid in my backyard. We covered everyone with bug spray, played some fat beats on the ipod player and went to work. It was a fun experience because neither Maddy, Bo or myself have ever done a two girl shoot together. But Maddy's really cool, and Bo was great with direction, so it was a fun, and different experience. Then Bo did individuals with each of us, and on to the next outfit. The second looks were individual shots (the above is an example) with more emphasis on motion, and Ginger's dresses worked immaculately!! After seven hours, we finally wrapped about midnight. I found myself in sweats, sprawled out on the couch with a Natural Light beer in my hand and a tea box in my hair. A success :) Stay posted for Bo's pics!

Monday, July 20, 2009

Thirft Stores in DC I Want To Check Out

Treasury Vintage Shop
Free Store

Treasury Vintage Shop (top) 1843 14th St NW 2nd Floor DC. Looks like a cute little store, plus they also have an awesome fashion blog! And there's the Free Store, or more of a swapping store, at the corner of 7th and New York. Check out the link to read more about it, but it's only open until the 26th, so better check it out soon! :)

My Week

MONDAY: Big photo shoot with Bo Himself, WarrenBe, and Booshie Design @ mi casa
TUESDAY: Packing, getting ready for NY
WEDNESDAY: 2pm arrive in New York. Hanging out with Dr. Joe, my old boss from Miami
THURSDAY: Photo Shoot with RCVW (tentative), hanging out with Dr. Joe
FRIDAY: 11:30am come back to DC
SATURDAY: Hanging out with Ali

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Let Me Count The Ways I Love Eatbar...

You may remember Steph from the Sebastion hair runway show I did
She came over and I fitted her in one of my designs (below) for a photo shoot with Visceral Photography
A couple weeks later her, her mother, Dr. Danny, and I went to Eatbar for brunch. Were the best cocktail ever was made for us by James! (And yes all of that booze to the right went in it :)
(left to right) James, Janissa, Steph, Dr. Danny and Yours Truly @ EatBar

So if you haven't gone to EatBar in Arlington, you should. These are my people. We all (see above pic) met there at 10:30am on a Sunday for brunch, and I ordered a cocktail. Don't act surprised. I guess that was the sign to Jame's the bartender that I was a good subject to practice cocktails on :) So it began, I believe 5 drinks in all he brought out for our tasting pleasure, each with their own flare and personality. Everything from martinis with jalapeno and honey, to straight shots. Again, EatBar, these are my people. But my favorite drink, and by far the best showman ship I've ever seen from a bartender, came with the "JDL" (above) . A light, refreshing, tasty-as-hell champagne topped martini that ended, as all great drinks should, on fire. I would tell you what's in this drink but, you really need to visit EatBar and experience it for yourself! Tell James Katelin sent you ;) Definitely a must visit hotspot in the DC area!

Friday, July 17, 2009

Oregon Trip Planned

Sooooo cute! My Grandpa, his 1st great grand daughter, and my Auntie Jill
Pic I took of my mom, Joanie @ the Oregon coast. I'll get to spend her b-day with her on Sept 2nd!
Me and my brother. My face explains it all.
Me and my beautiful cousin Katie
My dearest Aj, and my studly father!

It's official. Time to go home and see the fam! August 19th- September 5th, you can find me in Oregon. From August 23-29 I'm hoping to crash my Grandpa's (see above) trip to Sunriver, one of my favorite places on earth. The week after that I hoping to catch up with some of my favorite people on earth (see above). Can't wait!! :)

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Bo Zhang- Jungle Pics

Real models make funny faces. Especially when they're trying to emulate the crazy stick their holding.
LOVE this one!
I promise, my golf swing is way better than this.
ItalicThis is my, 'yeah, I made this dress' pose
As promised, my favorite set from the shoot I did with Bo last week. To be honest, I never thought Bo would pick this dress to shoot, but it is lightweight and easy to pack, to I brought it. Working with Bo, you have to trust him. ie- he picked the camo dress I had made, handed me a crazy stick with a face on it, put me in front of a bush and said Go. The man's got a vision. I had no idea how it was going to turn out, but when working with Bo Himself, you can bank on the shots being money :) And, as always, I absolutely adore these! If you check out his blog, he said the nicest thing:

"It’s always great working with Katelin…so much versatility and so quick to get through the poses and all the different looks. If you are a photographer and ever find yourself in the area…definitely plan a shoot with Katelin." :)

Looking forward to our next shoot on Monday!!