Friday, July 30, 2010

BatchFoto/Lake Oswego Jeweselers Ad Campaign Photo Shoot

Tim shooting me on day one. I'm wearing $50,000 in jewelry :o

Sunday and Monday I was fortunate enough to be part of a BatchFoto/Lake Oswego Jewlers ad campaign photo shoot. It was shot by Tim of BatchFoto and assisted/art directed by world reknowned photographer Christopher Lee. The wildly talented Nancy Burke did an amazing job with hair and make up on all the models, and Tiah and Travy of Lake Oswego Jewelers put the shoot together absolutely flawlessly. The two day shoot was so professional, smooth, a complete breeze and honor to be part of!!

The 50k in jewlry up close!!

Me in my first outfit on day two
The other models, and Tiah in the middle

Model in gorgeous jewelry. Obviously taking it seriously :)
Me in my second outfit
Travy, myself and Tim

Stay posted for the pictures, can't wait to see them! :)


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